International Abolitionist Federation 4

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Statuts with modifications from Jan 1935

- Bibliography - prostitution et maladies vénériennes (1930-1934)

- agenda for meeting of International Committee on 30 Apr 1938 and related correspondence

- correspondence concerning re-organisation of the International Abolitionist Federation (1938)

- minutes of meeting of International Committee on 21 Oct 1938

- papers relating to candidates for post of General Secretary of International Abolitionist Federation

- Reports of the secretariat for 1939 (2 versions), 1940, 1941 (1st and 2nd reports), 1942 (2nd report), 1943 (1st, 2nd and 3rd reports), 1944 (2nd report, 5th report), 1945 (1st report, 2nd report (English and French), 6th report)

- 'Rapport relatif au budget et a la tresorerie' financial report for 1939

- minutes of Comite International meeting on 13 May 1939 (with English translation)

- carbon copy of 3rd circular for 1941 from the President, 1st circular for 1942 from President

- correspondence concerning death of Alison Neilans (1942)

- memorandum concerning the reorganisation of the 'action internationale officielle en matiere de traite des femmes et problemes connexes' from Th de Felice

- carbon copy of 'Memorandum concerning a proposed article to be inserted in the peace treaty aiming to bind all the ex-belligerent countries to four general conventions against the traffic in women and children' (9 Feb 1943)

- typescript 'Catalogued articles to be eventually inserted in the Peace Treaty' Nov 1943

- carbon copy 'Catalogued articles to be eventually inserted in the Peace treaties and to be dealt with by the United Nations Organisation' Oct 1945

- report of meeting with the International Abolitionist Federation delegates on 8 Nov 1945

- Supplementary circular no 3 - postponement of the International Committee (27 Dec 1945)

- meeting of the International Committee in Feb 1946 (completing circular no 1)

- report on the 'reactions' of the International Abolitionist Federation following the end of the Second World War

- 2 passes 'Carte de membre Collectif (Branche) for 1940 and 1941


- 'Congres international de la Federation Abolitionniste Internationale. Paris 20-22 Mai 1937. Rapports et communications'