International Abolitionist Federation 22 : Geneva Congress 17-20 Sep

Scope and Content

30th International Congress held at Geneva.

Theme 'The exploitation of prostitution: violation of human rights with children as the first victims'

Consists of:

- photocopies from the Swiss press concerning the Stuttgart Congress in 1987

- report by Peter Willey and John Boyle on enforced prostitution in Turkey

- document as guideline for work at the 1990 Congress 'Exploitation of prostitution: violation of human rights, children as first victims'

- programme for Congress

- finances for 1990 and projected finances for 1991

- two postcards

- draft of Jean Dabenzies' proposed contribution to opening of Congress

- introductory speech to workshop on prostitution and AIDS

- manuscript Congress diary by Joyce Ansell

- photocopy of 'Message du mouvement Le Cri aux participants XXXeme Congress de la Federation Abolitionniste internationale'

- list of participants

- address by Anima Basak, president of the International Abolitionist Federation

- correspondence concerning Jean Dabenzies

- papers concerning translation / draft of resolution passed at Congress

- draft of covering letter to send to all states which ratified the convention on Rights of the Child of 20 Nov 1989

- papers relating to meeting of International Committee on 3-4 Nov 1990

- leaflet 'Womankind worldwide'

- letters to Douglas Hurd and Kenneth Baker commending resolution passed at 30th International Congress

- statement submitted by the International Abolitionist Federation to the World Summit on Children under the cover of UNICEF


- 'Report on the 30th Triennial Congress held in Geneva (Switzerland) from 17-20 Sep 1990', International Abolitionist Federation (manuscript notes)

- 'Fonds de developpement des Nations Unies pour la Femme. Introduction a l'unifem' c 1976

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