Scope and Content

Correspondence concerning:

- publications / reports

- segregated brothel areas in Bombay and framing a Bill to regulate brothels and traffic in women

- 'caged' brothels

- map of Bombay with letter dated 12 Aug 1926

- carbon copy 'Resolution passed by public meeting in Bombay on 16 Nov (with letter dated 9 Aug 1928)

- draft 'A Bill for the suppression of brothels and immoral traffic' (Madras) (manuscript notes) (with letter dated 18 Dec 1928)

- carbon copy summary about temple prostitutes taken from a missionary's letter dated Apr 1930

Press cuttings:

- 'War against brothels in Bombay. Amendment of Municipal Act' dated 20 Jul 1928

- 'Abolition of brothels in city. Mr Masani's address' from 'Times of India' dated 20 Jul 1928 (with letter dated 9 Aug 1928)

- 'Fresh revelations in medical bath case' from 'The Evening News of India' dated 28 Apr 1931 (with letter dated 20 Mar 1931)