English Collective of Prostitutes

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- photocopies of campaign to abolish all laws concerning prostitution brought by Baroness Joan Vickers in the House of Lords (1978)

- correspondence relating to a grant from Greater London Council to the English Collective of Prostitutes (1982)

- photocopies of letters / statements concerning the Collective's occupation of Holy Cross church

- correspondence and photocopy of the Lenten Newsletter of the Wellclose Square Fund, a charity devoted to rescue work among prostitutes, with piece by Rev Trevor Richardson of Holy Cross Church (Feb 1983) with letter dated 5 Mar 1983

- photocopy of 'The Guardian' article (24 Feb 1982) about Selma James (with letter dated 12 Aug 1986)

- photocopy of leaflet by Prostitution Laws Are Nonsense (PLAN) group

- correspondence and press cuttings concerning Nina Lopez-Jones's printed letter in 'The Guardian' (8 Jul 1988)

- photocopy of leaflet for 'Campaign Against Kerb Crawling' Jan and May 1990

Press cuttings (1977-1983)(many photocopied) relating to the English Collective of Prostitutes and to Baroness Joan Vickers' objections to the Street Offences Act 1959; 'Brothel bothers' about prostitutes sit-in at St Dizier in France


- 'International Wages for housework campaign bulletin' Jul 1980 with piece on English Collective of Prostitutes

- photocopies of newspaper articles about the work of the English Collective

- 'Coyote Howls' (Autumn 1977, Winter 1977, Ball edition 1978) (Coyote = 'Call off your old tired ethics' - US group to legalise prostitution set up by Margo St James in 1973) and other photocopies relating to their work in the US eg Black Women for Wages for Housework in New York

- 'NTFP news' (National Task Force on Prostitution), Sep / Oct 1979

- 'The unhappy hookers' in 'The Sunday Times magazine' (10 Aug 1975) (Box 001)