Congress Reports and resolutions

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- programme leaflet 'Prostitution. Certain present day problems' 21st International Congress held at St Catherine's College, Cambridge

- list with committee of honour and final programme

- list of people attending congress and supplementary list of congress members

- copy of essay 'Prostitution' from 'New Journal for Evangelical Women' May / Jun 1960

- correspondence asking for funds towards expenses of congress

- correspondence with Anthony Greenwood about delivering an address

- paper 'Prostitution in the Belgian Congo' by Mme Renee Valerie Fontainas

- typescript 'Nations in consultation' manuscript note 'Some impressions of the 21st congress'

- typescript 'Nations in council' (manuscript notes)

- typescript 'The Street Offences act and its operation' by Anthony Greenwood (2 versions one with manuscript notes)

- paper 'Prostitution in Greece: some problems of today' by Yolanda Terezio

- paper 'Report about the present status of prostitution in the United States of America' by Dr George W Loewenstein

- paper 'The present position of prostitution in the town of Oporto, Portugal' by Mario Cardia

- resolutions passed at 21st congress

- 2nd report of Secretariat for 1960

- minutes of General Assembly meeting on 30 Sep 1960

- minutes of 3rd meeting of International Committee

- report of activities to members of the Federation 1960

- finances (1960-10) (incomplete)

- printed leaflet with milestone dates (1960)

- typescript discussing M de Felice's article 'The consolidated convention, prostitution and promiscuity' (incomplete 2 versions)


- 'La prostitution quelques problemes actuels. Congres de Cambridge 27-30 Sep 1960', Federation Abolitionniste Internationale, Geneva, 1961