Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence relating to the making of a film on venereal disease

- covering notes and reports from British Federation against venereal disease (1978 and 1984)

- some enquiries about HIV infection and AIDS

- correspondence concerning a radio programme on cervical cancer on 'Woman's Hour' (1987)

- VD dial (device is an educational aid for prevention of venereal disease)


- leaflet 'The changing face of the sexually transmitted diseases' by Dr JS Bingham, The Josephine Butler Educational Trust (c 1986)

- 'Social Health News', vol 49, no 1, Jan-Feb 1974, American Social Health Association

- leaflets on gonorrhoea, syphilis, urethritis, viral infections and infestations published by the Health Education Council

- leaflet on cervical cancer issued by Leicestershire Health Authority

- 'Cervical Cancer Campaign Factsheet' TV-am, 1988 with leaflet from CancerLink

- 'GP. The newspaper for the General Practitioner', vol 6, no 38, 19 Sep 1969

- photocopy of article 'AIDS in Thailand' from 'British Medical Journal', vol 300, Feb 1990

- photocopy of posters produced by the Health Education Council and distributed through local Public Health Departments

- leaflet 'AIDS. Don't die of ignorance' 1987

Press cutting:

- 'Testing our defences. The call for AIDS tests among the Queen's own Highlanders has a worrying precedent' from 'The Times' dated 9 Jan 1987