Scope and Content

Minutes dated: 11 Jan; 15 Mar; 13 May; 12 Jul; 27 Sep; 29 Dec

Concerning review of the Josephine Butler Society's representation on various organisations; Liberal Democrat Policy Paper 'Confronting Prostitution'; discussion of the Josephine Butler Society constitution; Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill; homeless children driven into prostitution; Royal College of Nurses' resolution to lobby for decriminalisation of prostitution; Street Offences Act

Particular items:

- memorandum to the Executive Committee from Joyce Ansell, chairman of the Josephine Butler Education Trust, concerning trustees (minutes for 11 Jan - also gives names of members of the Trust)

- report on the working group on contemporary forms of slavery - the International Abolitionist Federation meeting in Geneva on 17-28 May 1993 (copy distributed at meeting on 12 Jul)

- discussion paper by Coral Hallums to consider whether changes in the law would benefit society as a whole, including prostitutes, or whether the status quo is preferable (minutes for 12 Jul) (comment by Joyce Ansell - the Josephine Butler Society considers all legislation regarding sexual exploitation)