General Elections: Promotional material

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Samples of leaflets and circulars for General Elections in 1918, 1922 and 1929

- Correspondence between Alison Neilans and Mrs Skelton about the poster campaign for the General Election in 1918, correspondence regarding questionnaire for 1922 election

- National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship's questions to Parliamentary candidates for General Election in 1924

- Election address of the Equal Rights General Election Campaign Committee for 1929

- Questionnaire issued by the National Union of Women Teachers to Parliamentary candidates regarding education, professional issues, married women, women magistrates and police

- Circular letter to members of Association for Moral and Social Hygiene that no official circulars would be sent to parliamentary candidates in the 1931 General Election

- Analyses of replies received for 1923, 1924 1925 and 1929 election

Press cuttings:

- 'Women want to know. Five candidates answer list of questions' (publication unidentified dated 18 May 1929),

- 'Political notes. Questionnaires in the Election' from 'The Times' dated 30 Apr 1929

- 'Women well in Front' from the 'The Daily News and Westminster Gazette' dated 4 May 1929

- page from 'The Vote' (dated 3 May 1929) on Women Parliamentary Candidates