Meliscent Shephard: correspondence 1938

Scope and Content

Papers and correspondence between Meliscent Shephard in India and the Secretary of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene. Miss Neilans was absent from the office for much of 1938 due to ill health.

Topics covered include:

- appeals for funds for Miss Shephard's continued work; statements of income and expenditure; military brothels; venereal disease in the armed forces; names, addresses and fees charged by prostitutes in Sonepur in 1935; All-India Women's Conference, Nagpur 1937; report of enquiry in Lahore; amendment to the Sarda Act on child marriage; award of the Kaisar-I-Hind Medal to Miss Shephard and papers from the Viceregal Investiture.


- pamphlet 'Quarterly Leaflet' by the Church of England Advisory Board for Moral and Welfare Work, Jan 1938

- pamphlet 'Viceregal investiture Delhi 23 Feb 1938' (with letter dated 24 Feb 1938)

For the following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy:

- pamphlet 'A Plea for the Provision of Instruction in the Duties of Civic and Family Life (including Sex Hygiene) in Schools and Colleges in India'. New Delhi: Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in India, 1938 (ref 613.95071054 PLE)

- 'A Rough Record 1858-1935 on the work of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in connection with The British Army in India' 'For private circulation only' (ref 349.54052534 ASS)

- 'Venereal diseases in the Army, Navy and Air Force' (ref 614.547088359 VEN)

- 'A comparative study of provincial and Indian State Acts relating to traffic in women and children' issued by Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in India [1938] (ref 364.15340954 COM)


- Meliscent Shephard dated 1 Nov 1938 (manuscript inscription on reverse)

- Association for Moral and Social Hygiene headquarters in India at 14 Hailey Road, New Delhi (manuscript inscription on reverse)

Press cuttings:

- 'Drive against traffic in women and children. Central organiser of the Association interviewed' from 'The Daily News' dated 13 Jan 1938 (with letter dated 21 Feb 1938)

- 'Social Hygiene in Delhi. Abolitionist system advocated' from 'The Statesman' dated 28 Jan 1938

- 'Girl's purchase by Raja' from 'The Statesman' dated 29 Jan 1938

- 'A scandal in Orissa' from 'The Sunday Statesman' dated 30 Jan 1938

- 'No woman member. Male MLAs to discuss Sarda Act Amendment' from 'The Statesman' dated 30 Mar 1938

- 'Satanists and Mr Das's Bill' from 'The Statesman' dated 31 Mar 1938

- 'Assembly to check child marriage' from 'The Statesman' dated 1 Apr 1938

- 'Time 'wasted' on bill' from 'The Statesman' dated 4 Apr 1938