Scope and Content

Minutes dated: 7 Feb; 7 Mar; 4 Apr; 2 May; 6 Jun; 4 Jul; 14 Sep; 3 Oct; 7 Nov; 5 Dec.

Recurring topics: proposed international draft law on traffic in persons; Children and Young Persons Bill

Particular items:

- Translation of letter from the International Abolitionist Federation concerning salary of M de Felice General Secretary (Minutes for 7 Feb)

- Copy of letter from Hetha Butler dated 1 Mar 1963 (Minutes for 7 Mar)

- Report of the meeting of the International Abolitionist Federation committee on 27 Apr 1963 (Minutes for 2 May)

- Copy of letter from A Pedler concerning publication of letters by Josephine Butler in his book 'The Age of Consent' (Minutes for 3 Oct)

- Reports by Myra Stedman of meeting of the International committee of the International Abolitionist Federation, and of 22nd congress of the International Abolitionist Federation held in Athens in Sep 1963 (Minutes for 7 Nov)

- Resolutions for Annual General Meeting (Minutes for 3 Oct and 7 Nov)

- Report from draft Law Sub-committee on solicitation section, interim report on Street Offences Act (Minutes for 5 Dec)