General Correspondence 2

Scope and Content

Concerning interest in joining the Josephine Butler Society; letters seeking advice, information, funding

Covering dates for pieces for each correspondent in brackets:

SO Afrigre (1985), Drusilla Attwood (1986-1987), Yvette Ashby (1977), Noreen Askew (1985), Derek Avis (1964), Henry Bartnik (1985), Elizabeth Brunois (1980); RP Burn (1987), GA Chamberlain (1969), Stuart Cloete with press cutting and extracts from his article 'Where is she now?' (1967), Lesley Cohen (1984), Mr Davies with PEP report on racial discrimination (1967), Hilda Denny (1985), C Thomas Dienes (1985), Vera Douie (1964), Ann Draper (1985-1987), Mrs BA Duman (1966-1967)(information about prostitution in Turkey with photograph), Roger Harper (1984), Kathleen Heasman (1978), Miss B Gleeson (1983), GJA Hayward (1987), L Leigh (1967), CH Leigh (1965), David Linton (1977) (concerning the reform of a prostitute), George Lethbridge (1972), Samantha Averill Martyn (1985)(concerning brothels in Wolverhampton with press cutting), Margaret McTaggart (1987), James Morton (1986), Evelyn Neely (1983), Rita Pankhurst (1977), Penelope Pearce (1992), Lynn Pontin (1969), P Sundara Rao (1986 with press cutting of flood in South India), David Shaw (1969-1984)(concerning his research on prostitution with a copy of the first chapter of his book), June Steven (1986), Bridget Thompson (1967), Mrs VA Vaincon (1971), Rev John Wheatley Price (1968), ME White (1977-1985), Miss Margaret White (1986), G Zahorsky (1973)