Criminal Law Amendment Bills 1917, 1918 and 1920

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- carbon copy notes on English law relating to solicitation and indecent behaviour (Vagrancy Act 1898, Metropolitan Police Act 1839, Towns Police Clauses Act 1847)

- correspondence relating to prosecutions under the Criminal Law Act

- carbon copy of letter from the Ladies' National Association on raising the age of consent to 21 and amend the Criminal Law Amendment Act (1913)

- correspondence and notes on Clauses 3 of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1917 relating to compulsory detention of young girls under 18 who are convicted of solicitation in 'approved homes'

- reports of Stansfeld Trust conference on solicitation held on 18 Oct, 22 Nov, 8 Dec 1917

- Helen Wilson's scheme for public guardianship of disorderly young people (Nov 1917), notes on Children Act 1908 and notes by Mr Dawson

- Miss Maude Royden's scheme for alternative to Clause 3 of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1917 (Nov 1917) and Mrs Torrey's scheme (Nov 1917)

- correspondence and reports about Clause 5 of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1918 dealing with transmission of venereal disease

- notes by Mr GW Johnson on 'Penalising communication of venereal disease' (15 May 1918)

- correspondence concerning the need for women police and women special constables and deputation to the Chief Commissioner of Police, Sir Neville Macready, on 3 Oct 1918 in relation to improving public order

- correspondence relating to Dalton's club case and the question of indecent behaviour in licensed premises

- correspondence relating to the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1920 and for a private conference on 31 Jan 1921 on the subject of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill No 2 as amended by the Joint Committee with lists of organisations and representatives

- card 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill House of Lords (no 2) .... This bad bill...' 1920


- pamphlet 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill. Deputation to the Home Secretary from various religious bodies and organisations of social workers, 6 Jul 1917

- leaflet 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1917. A reply to objections reaised to Clause 3', issued by the Promotion of Public Morality

- leaflet 'The laws relating to solicitation' address by Archibald J Allen on 2 May 1917, National Union of Women Workers of Great Britain and Ireland, 1917

- 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill', pages from 'National Union of Women Workers', Jul 1917

- leaflet 'Help or punishment? Clause 3, Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1917', Mothers' Union, 1917

- 'The law and the adolescent. A criticism of Clause 3 of the CLA Bill with an alternative proposal' by Helen Wilson (manuscript markings)

- 'Sexual promiscuity' Sunderland Chief Constable's report, 1917 (pages taken from a larger report)

- leaflet 'Manifesto of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene on the Sexual Offences Bill 1918 and Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1918', reprinted from 'The Shield', Jul 1918 (manuscript notes)

- printed letter on Criminal Law Amendment Bill from London Council for Promotion of Public Morality (Mar 1921)

- leaflet 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1921 by Mrs James Gow, National Council of Women of Great Britain and Ireland (manuscript notes)

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- leaflet 'Penalising communication of venereal disease. An alternative to Clause 2 of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1917' by Helen Wilson, 1917 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- leaflet 'Reasons for objecting to Clauses 2 and 6 of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, 1917 (ref 305.420941 ASS)

- leaflet 'Criminal Law Amendment Bill (no 2) House of Lords. United protest against clauses 3 and 7', 1917 (ref 345.02534 CRI)

- leaflet 'The Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 1917 (as amended)', the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene (May 1917) (ref 305.420941 ASS)

- 'The treatment of youthful offenders and disorderly children and young persons / [Association for Moral and Social Hygiene] Reprinted from "The Shield' for Jul, 1918 : revised Nov, 1918 (ref 305.420941 JOS)