Meliscent Shephard: correspondence 1940-1946

Scope and Content

Miss Shephard stayed in India during the Second World War, and mainly focussed on rescue work in New Delhi. In 1943 the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene was requested by the Bishop of Calcutta and the military authorities in Bengal to recruit on their behalf a woman welfare officer to be employed in Calcutta. Miss Fernley Powell was appointed and, once sanctioned by the India Office, arrived in India in Feb 1944.

Topics covered include:

- Bengal Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act Amendment Bill, 1940; Bulletin of the Indian Women's Movement in connection with the liaison work of the All India Women's Conference Mar 1940; Annual General Meeting of Association in India, 1940 and 1942; appeal and publicity material; opening of Delhi Asra Ghar (rescue home), 1939; visit to Calcutta in 1944; appointment of Miss Fernley Powell 1943-1944; reports from Miss Powell, 1945; appointment of Dr Cama, Shephard's replacement in 1946; extract from 'Report of the Health Survey and Development Committee vol 1' 1946 on venereal diseases


- 'Association for Moral and Social Hygiene Report. Presented at Annual General Meeting at Viceroy's House, New Delhi on 3 Apr 1940' (1940)

- 'Impetus to welfare work among women. Lady Linlithgow appeals for funds for Association' extract from 'The Statesman' dated 4 Apr 1940

- 'Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in India Summarised Annual Report presented at the Annual General Meeting held on 30 Mar 1942' (proof copy)

- leaflet 'Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in India' by Meliscent Shephard [1945]

Press cuttings:

- 'Calcutta citizens asked to leave homes to make way for brothels for soldiers' from 'The Catholic Times' dated 5 Mar 1943

- 'Morals and military' from 'Catholic Times' dated 5 Mar 1943

- 'Brothels for the troops' from the 'Church Times' dated 5 Mar 1943

- 'Calcutta brothels' from 'Church Times' dated 19 Mar 1943


- House of Miss Shephard's sister in Kotagiri (manuscript inscription on reverse)