Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Seventh Annual Report 1962 of the Over Forty Housing Association for Women Limited (2 versions)

- 'Tragedies of affluence' A Salvation Army survey to mark the Centenary 1865-1965

- 'SEAC. Project for a Survey Archive' under the auspices of PEP (Political and Economic Planning), 1966

- Information for Local Historians, 1978

- BBC and the Open University: an educational partnership

- Alliance News, Nov-Dec 1978

- London calling, Autumn 1978, 1985 (periodical)

- London Churchman. The official publication of the Diocese of London, Apr 1961

- Freedom Journal, May 1985

- 'Conservative newsline.The Conservative Party Newspaper. Advertising rates', 1985

- On the frontiers from the beginning to 1985, National Centre for Christian Communities and Networks, 1985

- General List of Books and Booklets. Revised summer 1985, National Marriage Guidance Council

- Popular Communication Prospectus '86

- Stewardship, Dummy issue, Apr 1986

- Seeing Red video Manchester Women's Video Co-operative (letter and leaflet)

- Alcohol Concern Jul / Aug 1986

- Training for Action. A collection of innovative and exciting training opportunities for those working in the community sector

- leaflet 'The Agile 80s'

- leaflets 'The Street Level Team' Church Army, Sep 1986

- Asian meetings incentives and exhibitions, Dec-Jan 1987

- BBC Record. News and information from the BBC, Apr 1986, Jan 1987

- Violence on television. The report of the Wyatt Committee, BBC, Jan 1987

- Violence on television. Guidelines for production staff, 1987

- Newsletter Womankind worldwide, Autumn Winter 1993

- Financial Forum for Women, Dec 1993

- WCC Publications. New and forthcoming resources from the World Council of Churches, Sep 1993 to Apr 1994

- leaflet 'Making marriage work' and leaflet for one-day conference on Family breakdown and criminal activity, 1994

- 'National Alliance of Women's Organisations' Jan 1994

- leaflet 'Family Education Trust : publications'

- Update. The magazine of the YWCA of GB' Housing need issue

- 1st International Women's Solidarity Congress 11-13 Nov 1994 Antalya-Belek Turkey 'Women's Participation in Decision Making'

- Family Welfare Association leaflets and magazines, 1994

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- NAWO newsletter / London : National Alliance of Women's Organisations Nov 1993 (periodicals)

- Women's organisations in Great Britain 1985-86 / compiled by Lesley Cohen, London : Women's National Commission, 1985 (ref 305.4202541 WOM)