Letters and reports of Mrs Katharine Bushnell

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning Bushnell's work in California against regulations dealing with prostitution, about granting her financial assistance, and offering her advice

- correspondence concerning Maurice Gregory travelling to America to interview leading Government officials at Washington who are responsible for welfare of soldiers

- carbon copy of protest address to Williams Gibbs McAdoo, head of the Public Health Service by the Union to Combat the Sanitation of Vice, State of California (1918)

- correspondence about sending pamphlets

- typescript of 'The tests of leadership by Josephine Butler' from Bushnell

- typescript 'We shall succeed' by Bushnell

- copies of letters from Helen Wilson with report of visit to USA (1925)


- 'Venereal disease control. Standards for discharge of carriers' Washington Government Printing Office, 1918 (facsimile of 'key-document' of Neo-Regulation in America)

- What's going on? : a report of investigations by Katharine C. Bushnell, regarding certain social and legal abuses in California that have been in part aggravated and in part created by the Federal Social Hygiene Programme / by Katharine C Bushnell, second edition [1919] (manuscript notes)

- 'Maurice Gregory introduced' Friends' Association for the Promotion of Social Purity, 1921

- leaflet 'How to test all legislative proposals for dealing with venereal disease' resolutions passed at the World's Purity Federation Conference in Dec 1921

- pamphlet 'A nostrum worse than the disease' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- pamphlet 'An appeal to ministers of the Gospel' by Katharine Bushnell, 1919

- pamphlet 'Well-intentioned blundering' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- pamphlet 'What saith the doctor' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- pamphlet 'Plain words to plain people' by Katharine Bushnell, 1918

- pamphlet 'Wicked and unjust measures' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- pamphlet 'Physician heal thyself' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- pamphlet 'A shameful imposture' by Katharine Bushnell, 1919

- leaflet 'Compulsory notification and treatment' by Katharine Bushnell, 1917

- journal 'California State Board of Health' monthly bulletin Apr 1910