Media 2

Scope and Content

Material concerning radio, television broadcasts or film

Consists of:

- outline of programme on 'Pamela Jones' for documentary programme 'From childhood to 18 years'

- correspondence concerning programme on BBC on prostitution - thanks for sending papers (1956)

- transcript of excerpt from 'ABC at large' discussion between Desmond Wilcox, Anthony Greenwood and Norman Pannell on the effect of the Street Offences Act (1962)

- transcript of an interview for transmission on 8 Apr 1963 programme called 'Portrait of a young girl'

- correspondence concerning proposals to make films or radio plays on the life of Josephine Butler

- transcript from 'Not so much a programme etc' 28 Nov 1964

- typescript for 'Women's Hour' 1968

- outline of script of 'Circumstances' a documentary film made on behalf of the Josephine Butler Society on the problem of prostitution (1970)

- correspondence concerning comments on programmes on prostitution / white slave trade especially where there have been errors, or requesting information to support the programmes

- carbon copy of draft of text for 'Open Door' programme on 29 May 1977

- correspondence concerning Joan Bakewell's 'Heart of the Matter' programme broadcast on 21 Jul 1991 (typescript of programme attached - 2 copies 1 with manuscript notes)

- manuscript notes