Homosexuality and prostitution

Scope and Content

Majority of papers dated from 1954 to 1960

Consists of:

- correspondence relating to the setting up of a Departmental Enquiry on homosexuality, prostitution and solicitation with memorandum submitted by the Howard League for Penal Reform (1954-1955)

- minutes of General Purposes Committee of the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth held on 12 Jan 1955, section 8 on proposed amendment of legislation on homosexual offences and prostitution

- summary of evidence to be submitted by David Linton before the Home Office Committee on Homosexuality and Prostitution (Dec 1954, Jan and Mar 1955) and his list of women 'soliciting' in London in 1953 and 1954 with map of 'prostitute' locations in London (1954), one photograph of 'prostitute' on Rue de Caumartin, Paris in 1952, bibliography on prostitution

- drafts of evidence to be given by Elizabeth Abbott and Katharine Hardwick to the Departmental Committee of Enquiry (deputation to Home Office was made on 24 Mar 1955 led by the National Council of Women of Great Britain)

- notes on the proposals to raise the age of care and protection for young persons to 21. Evidence of the National Association of Probation Officers

- criticisms of the British Medical Association's proposals on female prostitution addressed to the members of the Departmental Committee on Homosexuality and Prostitution (Jun 1956)

- Society of Labour Lawyers' memorandum to the Departmental Committee in relation to prostitution and solicitation

- Elizabeth Abbott's evidence to the Departmental Committee


- appendix 4 from 'Memorandum of evidence submitted to the Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution', Magistrates' Association 35th Annual Report, 1954-1955, Jun 1955

- pamphlet 'Homosexuality, prostitution and solicitation. Memorandum of evidence submitted to the Departmental Committee on Homosexuality, Prostitution and Solicitation', Association of Municipal Corporations, Sep 1955

- photocopy of 'Local Government Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill to restrain local authorities from promoting homosexuality' with Hansard debate in Dec 1987 attached

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'Homosexuality and prostitution', British Medical Association, London, 1955 (ref 616.8583 BRI)

- pamphlet 'Evidence submitted by the progressive league to the Home Office Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution', Mar 1955 (ref 345.02534 EVI)