Meliscent Shephard: correspondence 1936

Scope and Content

Correspondence, photographs and other papers concerning: financial arrangements for the year; Miss Daisy Mackenzie's appointment as worker in Madras; demise of the All-India Vigilance Association; possibility of appointment as League of Nations Assessor on Traffic in Women and Children; Mrs Neville-Rolfe and the British Social Hygiene Council; speech at International Council of Women conference, Calcutta; plan to attend League of Nations conference in Java in 1937.

5 photographs, each with manuscript inscription on reverse:

- Meliscent Shephard and Mrs Mai Yeng Wang of China

- view of Delhi with Indian labourer in foreground

- view from the top of the tower of the Church of Redemption in Delhi

- Indian girls at a mela

- 27 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi


- 'List of books and publications issued by The Association for Moral and Social Hygiene'

- 'Women and children first' reprinted from 'The Young Men of India Burma and Ceylon'

- 'The challenge against the traffic in women and children. Notes and suggested questionnaire issued by the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene'

- 'A great work in India' by Meliscent Shephard from 'The Shield'

- 'Traffic in women and children and commercialised prostitution. Principles for the consideration of Departments of Local Self-Government and Municipalities', Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in India [1936] (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy ref 364.15340954 TRA)

Press cuttings:

- 'International Council of Women to meet in Calcutta' dated 4 Jan 1936

- 'Association for Moral and Social Hygiene. Miss Shephard on its origin' from 'The Leader' dated 5 Jan 1936

- 'Caste tyranny in India' from 'The Statesman' 30 Apr 1935

- 'Women's conference: immoral traffic in India. Proposed remedies: need for revision of Hindu law' from 'The Statesman' dated 5 Feb 1936 (with letter dated 7 Feb 1936)

- 'Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Children in India' from 'The Hyderabad Gazette' 17 Mar 1936 (with letter dated 16 Mar 1936)

- 'Checking traffic in women' from 'The Statesman' dated 8 Jun 1936 (with letter dated 9 Jun 1936)

- 'Origin of recent Alleppey riot: proselytism move' from 'The Statesman' dated 28 May 1938 (with letter dated 28 May 1936)