Police-Court Rota Sub-committee

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 18 May 1917-24 Oct 1919

Inaugural meeting was held on 18 May 1917

Consists of:

- copy of letter (dated 2 Jun 1917) of a meeting to discuss the proposal of setting up a rota of women who would attend regularly certain Police courts and make reports on the procedure and methods of taking evidence as it affects women

- proposal to set up a course of lectures for those on the Rota and other interested persons with provisional list of topics (minutes for 13 Jun 1917)

- flyer for lectures inserted before minutes for 9 Oct 1917

- outline of questionnaire to be used by Rota members (minutes for 9 Oct 1917)

- reports of Rota members with list of questions to be answered (minutes for 12 Nov 1917 other reports follow)

- Instructions for Rota members (inserted before minutes for 3 Dec 1917)

- amendment of section 114 of the Children Act 1908 (minutes for 3 Dec 1917)

- summary of replies to questions issued November 1917 (inserted before minutes for 7 Jan 1918)

- administration of Regulation 40D of the Defence of the Realm Act (minutes for 13 May and 3 Jun 1918)

- notes on cases by Rota member (inserted before minutes for 4 Nov 1918)

- proposed amendments to Children's Act prepared by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (minutes for 3 Feb 1919)

- suggestions for the future of the Rota work (minutes for 24 Oct 1919)

- correspondence and two press cuttings ('The Daily Chronicle' and 'The Times' relating to a women patrol who was removed from a magistrate's court (1919) (inserted at back of volume)

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