Mrs Bligh Scrutton: National Council of Women on Wolfenden Report

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- carbon copy of evidence to be submitted to the Departmental Committee on Street Offences by the National Council of Women of Great Britain (1928)

- National Council of Women's statements on the laws relating to solicitation (1950s)

- resolutions of the National Council of Women on prostitution and the law (1947, 1951, 1956 and Wolfenden report 1957)

- copy of Bligh Scrutton's speech for the deputation to the Home Secretary on 29 Jan 1958

- papers relating to the House of Commons meeting to consider the Wolfenden recommendations on prostitution on 16 Dec 1958 (Bligh Scrutton's speech on behalf of the National Council of Women attached)

- National Council of Women provisional comments on the Church of England's Welfare Council's memorandum on the Street Offences Bill

- report of the Executive Committee of the British Vigilance Association on 9 Sep 1957 to discuss the Wolfenden Report

- papers relating to the Policy Advisory committee on Sexual Offences (1976)

- papers for the Josephine Butler Society one day seminar on prostitution held on 30 May 1985

- manuscript notes


- printed 'Annex 1. Survey of the laws concerning prostitution' by M de Felice, General Secretary of the International Abolitionist Federation (c 1954) (manuscript notes)

- leaflet letter reprinted from 'The Times' on Josephine Butler (4 Feb 1957)

- pamphlet 'The Wolfenden Report', 'The Catholic Citizen', Jan 1958

- leaflet 'Comment on the Wolfenden Report 1957' by the Church of England Moral Welfare Council (1957)

- photocopy 'Cautioning and imprisonment of prostitutes. Comments on the Home Office Working Paper on Street Offences and Vagrancy' by the Howard League for Penal Reform (1975)

- photocopy of chapter 44 'Sexual Offences Act 1985'

- 'Bill to amend the law relating to the soliciting of women for the purpose of prostitution and to abolish the presumption that a boy under the age of 14 is incapable of sexual intercourse (1990)

- pamphlet 'National Council of Women Year Book 1993-1994'

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- pamphlet 'The Wolfenden committee's report' reviewed by Dr Willoughby Clark in 'Marriage guidance. A monthly bulletin on marriage and the family' Oct 1957 (periodicals)

Press cuttings from 'Sunday Pictorial' (24 Apr 1960) 'Here is your verdict' - Pictorial investigation into vice since the Street Offences Act 1959