Venereal diseases 3

Scope and Content

Items numbered sequentially (nos 1-91) - order has been retained.

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Consists of: publications, reports, correspondence concerning early treatment centres for venereal disease and the question of compulsory treatment of venereal disease in Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh and London (the opening of St Luke's hospital)

Particular items:

- transcript of notes of opposition speeches in the debate of the closing of venereal disease ablution centres in Manchester (17 May 1922) (no 5)

- notes on self-disinfection (1927)(no 23)

- typed report on the comparison of the compulsory methods of handling venereal disease and prostitution prepared by the British Social Hygiene Council by Mrs Neville Rolfe 1929 (no 42)

- statistics for venereal disease from Birmingham, Bradford, Nottingham, London 1930 (nos 49-52, 57)

- concerning the 'menace of the lorry girls' (nos 69, 81, 86, 87, 90)


- pamphlet 'Report of the Manchester Enquiry Committee of the National Council for Combatting Venereal Diseases', Mar 1922 (no 1)

- leaflet 'Shall Manchester give a false lead? The case against ablution centres', 1922 (no 7)

- leaflet 'Sanitary principles applied to the prevention of venereal diseases' by Helen Wilson, reprinted from 'Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health (no 9) (manuscript notes)

- leaflet 'Copy of reply of Association for Moral and Social Hygiene to questionnaire sent out by National Council for Combatting Venereal Disease re compulsory treatment of venereal disease' 1922 (no 10)

- pamphlet 'Graz Abolitionist Congress Papers no 1 'Can venereal disease be dealt with in the same way as other infections?' by WF Velthuyzen, 1924 (no 15) (manuscript notes)

- pamphlet 'Venereal diseases in men and women. A study of the age-incidence' by Douglas White, reprinted from 'The Lancet' Jan 1925 (no 19)

- pamphlet 'A brief survey of the conditions obtaining in Great Britain and the Colonial Empire with regard to venereal disease and prostitution' 1927 (no 20)

- leaflet 'Prevention of venereal diseases. Are compulsory methods successful?', the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, 1927 (no 24)

- 'Edinburgh Corporation Provisional Order' 'Petition of Miss Jessie Wishart Brown and others against By Counsel' 1927 (no 32)

- pamphlet 'Reasons against the Edinburgh Corporation Bill 1928' (no 35) (manuscript notes)

- proof 'Powers and responsibilities of Local Authorities in the venereal diseases campaign' by Dr ASM MacGregor (Apr 1928) (no 36)

- 'A Bill to make further provision for the prevention, notification and treatment of venereal disease and for other purposes connected therewith' (18 Geo V) Venereal Disease (Scotland) 1928 (no 37)

- leaflet 'Practical prevention of venereal diseases' Address given by Dr Robert A Lyster (1929) (no 43)

- 'Venereal disease. Report by Clinical medical officer' pages from Public Health Department Report for Edinburgh 1932 (no 59)

- pamphlet 'Health of the navy and army 1925-1928' reprinted from 'The Shield', Apr 1930 (no 62)

- pamphlet 'Social work in regard to mothers and children suffering from venereal diseases' by Miss MD Hearn, excerpt from Journal of the Royal Sanitary Institute 1935 (no 64)

- 'Health News' vol 13, Oct 1936 (no 68)

- leaflet 'Venereal diseases in the civil population 1934-1935' reprinted from 'The Shield' Nov 1936 (no 70)

- proof 'Menace of the Lorry Girl' 'The Shield' Dec 1936 (no 71)

For the following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- leaflet 'Some points concerning ablution centres for skilled disinfection' reprinted from 'The Shield', (May-Jun 1922)(no 6) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'Notification and compulsory treatment of venereal diseases' by Douglas White, reprinted with revision from 'The Shield', Nov-Dec 1922 (no 11)(ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'Ministry of Health. Report of the Committee of Inquiry on Venereal Disease', London: HMSO, 1923 (no 13) (ref 614.5470941 GRE)

- pamphlet 'The relationship between venereal disease and the regulation of prostitution' by S Neville-Rolfe, address given at the Imperial Social Hygiene Congress, London 13 May 1924 (no 14) (ref 614.547 NEV)

- pamphlet 'Sweden and venereal disease', reprinted from 'The Shield' Jan-Feb 1925 (no 22) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'Some points concerning the medical control of venereal diseases in Great Britain' reprinted from 'The Shield' Jan-Feb 1925 (no 21) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'Treatment of venereal diseases. The movement towards compulsion', reprinted from 'The Shield', Nov 1927 (no 31) (ref 305.420941 JOS)