Armed Forces Part 1: correspondence and papers relating to venereal disease

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- copy of House of Lords Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry on 13 May 1871 with John Stuart Mill giving evidence

- statistics for cases of venereal disease in 1896 and 1897

- Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Army in 1895

- concerning the prevalence of venereal disease in the British Army in India (1897-1898) with statistics from 1853 to 1913

- reports of Advisory Board for Army Medical Services on the treatment of venereal disease in the Army 1905-1906

- answers to questionnaire on recruitment and conscription

- forms 'Register for civil employment' and 'Proceedings on discharge'

- report by C Moore on prevalence of venereal disease in the army and memorandum on 'return of diseases among European troops in India' (Sep 1912)

- correspondence concerning regulations for married soldiers and recruitment of soldiers sent to India (Jun 1913)

- memorandum on Alison Neilans' note about statistics of European armies

- letter concerning a brothel in Aldershot (1915)

- correspondence concerning the effects of conscription and the spread of venereal diseases (1916, 1921)

- carbon copy of reply to questionnaire from Bureau International 6 Jun 1919 passed by the International Abolitionist Federation on 19 Sep 1919


- 'Army and militia. Pamphlets showing the conditions of service in the army and militia respectively', London: HMSO, 1898

- 'Army (Length of service and ages of men in each unit)', London: HMSO, 1898

- 'Discharged soldiers (England, Scotland and Ireland)', London: HMSO, 1898

- 'Health memoranda for British Soldiers in the Tropics' (c 1910)

- 'A sketch of army medical experience of venereal disease during the European War 1914-1918' by Brevet-Colonel LW Harrison, 2nd edition, 1922

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- 'The health of the British troops in India and other foreign stations' by Major-General RL Dashwood (19 Feb 1897), London (front cover removed) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- leaflet 'The under-secretary for war defends tolerated brothels!', the Association for Moral & Social Hygiene, 1918 (ref 349.44052534 UND)