General Correspondence 1

Scope and Content

Correspondence concerns the wish to arrange meetings with Helen Wilson, suggestion that there should be a religious service before Annual General Meetings, wish for feed-back on a questionnaire at the Conference on Christian Politics, Economics and Citizenship, complaint to the South Western District Post Office, enquiries, seeking new premises, concerning the killing of Armenians and Greeks in Asia Minor during the First World War, arranging a collection for Lord Gorell, information about the Jewish Associatin for the Protection of Girls, Women and Children with information

Covering dates for pieces for each correspondent in brackets. Correspondents are:

Dorothy Bracewell (1923)

L Corben (1921)

Lucy Gardner (1922)

H Harding (1923)

R Hatton (1920)

Dame Edith Lyttelton (1923)

T Kelyuack (1922)

Rev James Marchant (1920)

JA Philips (1922)

Federation of the Greek Ladies of Constantinople (1922)

Mrs Weerts (1923)

Helen Wilson (1920-1921; 1947)

Miss N Lawrence (1943)