Defence Regulation 33B: 1942-1945

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence relating to deputation to the Minister of Health on 18 Nov 1942

- reports on Regulations 33B and differences between the Contagious Diseases Act and Regulation 33B

- correspondence enlisting support to have Regulation 33B withdrawn

- summary of main points of criticism of Regulation 33B made by Mrs Abbott (10 Feb 1943)

- papers relating to conference on 19 Mar 1943 considering medical, legal and social aspects of Regulation 33B

- book review of 'Venereal disease in Britain' by SM Laird

- typed copy of 'Some notes on compulsory measures for the treatment of venereal disease'

- correspondence concerning figures for new cases of venereal disease and the working of Regulation 33B

- correspondence concerning 'contact tracing'


- leaflet 'Regulation 33B' page reprinted from 'Time & Tide' 21 Nov 1942

- 'Views of the Medical Women's Federation on Certain Aspects of Social Medicine' reprinted from 'The Medical Women's Federation Quarterly Review' Oct 1944

- 'Emergency Powers (Defence) General Regulations, Statutory Rules and Orders 1942 no 2277

- 'Public Health England. Venereal diseases' Statutory Rules and Orders 1942 no 2356

- printed letter 'Compulsory treatment of venereal diseases' dated 9 Jan 1943

- printed letter 'Venereal diseases' circular 2727A

- pamphlet '33B and VD situation. A note to members of Parliament from The British Social Hygiene Council' 1942

- 'Defence (General) Regulations Regulation 33B... Notes for the guidance of special practitioners' 1943

- printed letter 'Venereal diseases' dated 8 Jan 1943 circular 2727

- pamphlet 'Why venereal disease should be compulsorily notifiable by a scientific correspondent' 1943

- leaflet 'Urgent and important: concerning Regulation 33B' issued by the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene

- leaflet 'Is compulsion necessary in the treatment of venereal diseases?' for public meeting on 12 Mar 1942

- galley proof 'The medical aspect of 33B' by Miss Alison Hunter

- 'Public Health (Scotland) 1945