Venereal diseases 5

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning the response of the National Society for the Prevention of Venereal Disease to the Trevethin Committee report of 1937

- correspondence concerning clauses of the Criminal Justice Bill 1948 and the Public Health (Venereal Diseases Regulations) Revocation Regulations 1948

- correspondence concerning the National Health Service Act and the legal requirement for confidential treatment of venereal disease (1948)

- correspondence concerning the Edinburgh Corporation Bill (1948)

- an appendix on the comparison between compulsory and voluntary measures for the treatment of venereal disease (Oct 1948)

- comments on draft pamphlet on venereal disease by Miss Legge (1948-1949)

- typescript report on 'Facts about venereal disease'

- letter concerning design for a men's lavatory so that venereal diseases cannot be transmitted (image of design attached) (1948)

- carbon copy report on the legislative control of venereal disease (c. 1950)

- correspondence concerning London conference on 'Health education and venereal diseases' held on 26 Feb 1943, comments on Dr Forgan's report on the International Union against Venereal Disease International conference in 1949, and report of meeting of the International Union in Holland on 20-24 Apr 1953


- 'A study of some emotional problems in a VD clinic' paper read to the 1946 Summer School of Health Visitors, reproduced by the Women's Public Health Officers' Association, 1946

- pamphlet 'Public Health Exhibitions' by C Mireio Legge, reprinted from 'Museums Journal', Aug 1948

- 'Statutory instruments. 1948 no 928. Public Health, England. The Public Health (Venereal Diseases Regulations) Revocation Regulations 1948 (with letter dated 12 Jul 1948)

- 'Statutory instruments. 1948 no 2517. National Health Service. The National Health Service (Venereal Diseases) Regulations 1948

- 'Venereal disease and the National Health Service Act' by Katharine Hardwick from 'Social work', Oct 1948

- 'The medical conduct of a brothel' by F Ray Bettley, British Journal of Venereal Disease', Jun 1949

- leaflet 'Venereal diseases and the teenager'. '(a) Teenagers in venereal disease clinics' by Ambrose J King and Anthony R Wisdom '(c) The Health Education Aspect' by AJ Dalzell-Ward, extract from the 'Royal Society of Health Journal', vol 80, no 5, Sep-Oct 1960

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'Responsibility versus compulsion. Statement by the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene on the proposal for combating venereal disease made by the World Health Organisation' (Mar 1949) (ref 614.547 ASS)

Press cuttings glued to paper (1946-1949): concerning notification of venereal disease and treatment; prevention of venereal disease; imprisonment of women and London lock hospital

- two press cuttings concerning a film 'Adam and Eve' to be shown in Middlesex with certain restrictions (with report of the Entertainments Committee of the County Council of Middlesex)