1918 General Election: Questions to and replies from unsuccessful Parliamentary candidates

Scope and Content

Two questionnaires are unsigned - regarding their views on solicitation laws. From:

DJ Barnes

HH Beamish

FV Bellamy (with letter)

A Brooksbank

JA Compston (with copy of letter)

CR Cooke-Taylor

CE Copplestone

George H Dawson

G Edwards-Jones (with copy of letter)

Hugh Hinshelwood (with copy of letter)

Sir Robert Home (letter)

HB Holdling

Rowland Hunt (letter)

Henry S Keith

Colonel John Kynaston

Mr BJP Macdonald (letter)

Alex McClure (with letter)

Clive Meares

JW Molden (correspondence)

JC Pilcher

EM Rodeanachi

Robert Spence

Arthur Taylor

GH Thompson (letter)

Ernest Woodhead