1918 General Election: Questions to and from successful candidates but unsatisfactory replies

Scope and Content

Signed questionnaires from elected MPs who gave unsatisfactory replies:

LCS Amery

Sir Francis Blake

W Theodore Carr (letter)

Warden Chilcott

Sir Cyril S Cobb

Major W Cope

Major Comthorpe

Lieutenant Commander Percy Dean

N Gratton Doyle

Mitchell Gow (letter)

TE Hickman

Major SG Howard (with copy of letter)

RM Hudson

L Stanley Johnson (correspondence)

HH Maddocks (with copy of letter)

Dr BJP McDonald

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Newton-Moore

CD Murray (letter)

John R Remer (Letter)

Lieutenant Colonel RF Ronndell

Sir J Royden

Sir Alfred Warren

EJ Sloane (letter)

Sir Ernest E Wild (letter)

J Williams

and unsigned questionnaire from Parliamentary candidate for Carlisle