Correspondence relating to Lord Chorley's Bills to amend the Street Offences Act 1959

Scope and Content

Correspondence relating to:

- the Queens Bench decision in the Crook v Edmondson case in 1966 (how to promote a just and equal law applicable to either solicitation by men or women) with copy of letter to 'The Times' (Feb 1966) and copy of letter to the Law Commission (Apr 1966)

- the collection of evidence about the effects of the Street Offences Act (Mary White's lecture about the difficulty faced by the police in protecting girls and women in Liverpool from being solicited (1967); the Sneddon v Stevenson case which raised the issue of incitement to commit the offence of soliciting; proposal in Birmingham to have municipally-controlled brothels; concerning kerb-crawlers

- Chorley's draft Bill 1967 (with letter dated 6 Nov 1967) and enlisting support for it (defeated on 8 Feb 1968 - opposed by Lord Stonham)

- comments on the House of Lords debate on 8 Feb 1968 - copy of a background paper by the Josephine Butler Society (with letter dated 25 Jun 1968)

- a meeting held on 8 Aug 1968 to discuss a revised Street Offences Bill with Lord Stonham and subsequent meetings of the Drafting Committee

- Street Offences Bill 1968 explanatory memorandum (with letter dated 9 Aug 1968)

- enlisting support for Chorley's Bill 1969 second reading on 4 Mar 1969 defeated on third reading

- Chorley's Bill 1969 second reading on 3 Feb 1970 was defeated

- an article in 'The Times' about taxing landlords who rent rooms to prostitutes (press cutting attached with letter dated 5 Jun 1973)