Moral environment of His Majesty's Forces Part 1: correspondence and reports concerning venereal disease in HM Forces

Scope and Content

Pieces date mainly from 1920-1921

Consists of:

- notes on 'maisons tolerees' in Le Havre in 1916 and 1917 from Miss Fortey

- reports of venereal disease amongst soldiers in Egypt (1916) and tolerated brothels in Germany (1919)

- press cutting 'Dens of immorality. Army Officer's indictment of authorities procedure' from 'Sheffield Independent' (6 Nov 1919)

- report from Rev Hopson about British troops in France and Germany (May 1920)

- notes from Mr EB Turner's report on visit to the Rhineland (Nov 1920)

- report from Madame Wagner, member of Swedish commission, on conditions in occupied Germany (Apr 1921)

- correspondence concerning numbers of soldiers with venereal disease in the Rhineland and in France and about Miss Ettie Rout's statements in 'The Lancet' (press cuttings attached)

- correspondence with Lieutenant Olliver with evidence from Malta and Gibraltar and supply of prophylactics (May 1921)

- Alison Neilans's interview with Colonel Harrison on 4 Jun 1921 about the provision of prophylactic kits and the lower rates of venereal disease amongst American soldiers compared with British soldiers

- correspondence concerning a public meeting in Central Hall, Westminster on 7 Jun

- report from Major ON Solbert about the low venereal rate amongst American Forces

- correspondence concerning the resolutions passed at the meeting on 7 Jun and proposals for alterating the King's Regulations (making brothels out of bounds to British troops)

- correspondence with Rev Wilkinson and Arthur Upson (Apr 1920) about incidents of venereal disease amongst British troops in Egypt

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