Henry J Wilson : correspondence and papers 2

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- copies of correspondence between Henry J Wilson and James Stansfeld, 1893

- correspondence with campaigners re petitioning MPs for the repeal of the Indian Bills 1893 (including one from Josephine Butler to Ladies' National Association), and copies of letters and petitions sent by campaigners to persons of influence, 1892-1893

- manuscript table showing allowance granted to women in cantonment hospitals 1892

- summaries of evidence of venereal disease among British troops (reports of cantonment inspections and interviews conducted with army soldiers), 1892 and 1893

- report and graph by J Birkbeck Nevins, 1892, showing prevalence of venereal disease in soldiers before, during and since the existence of the Contagious Diseases Acts; correspondence between Henry J Wilson and Nevins, Aug 1893 re correct procedures for medical examination of women

- article by Surgeon Major General AF Bradshaw to the Administrative Committee of the Home Office in reply to 1892 article on venereal disease by J Birkbeck Nevins, Aug 1893

- copies of correspondence between James Stansfeld and others including Viceroy of India and George Russell, 1893

- circular letter from Josephine Butler, including 8 Jun 1893, to friends of the Committee (re the Leeds Local Repeal Committee refusing to host a meeting for Dr Kate Bushnell and Mrs Elizabeth Andrews) and response from MPs, 9 Jun 1893

- draft resolutions proposed by Mr Stansfeld, 1888, and Mr Birkbeck Nevins, 1893

- printed letter from Josephine Butler on Indian cantonments scandals dated Feb 1894

- letter and report from India Sunday School Union to Henry J Wilson re legalised vice in Poona, 1895

- tables of figures for military stations in India


- pamphlet 'Statement concerning public European Immorality in Bombay to which is added The Criminal Law Amendment Act' Bombay: 'Bombay Guardian' and Anglo-Vernacular Press, 1892

- pamphlets 'Report by the Committee on the State Regulation of Vice' by John Dymock of the Free Church of Scotland. Annual reports 1892-1895

- pamphlet 'Report of the Army Health Association' Meerut, 1892

- pamphlet 'The Increase of Venereal Disease in India in 1889' by J Birkbeck Nevins. Liverpool: Thomas Brakell, 1891

- pamphlet 'East India Cantonments Acts and Regulations since 1889: Statement of Facts', London: Pewtress and Co., 1893

- 'Reis and Rayyet (Prince and peasant)' weekly newspaper and review of politics, literature and society, 1893

- pamphlet 'Some of the more important Dates and Facts relating to the system of providing for, and sanctioning, vice in India' issued Jun 1893 London: British Committee for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice in India and throughout the British Dominions(?)

- pamphlet 'Supplement to the Calcutta Gazette' 17 Apr 1895

- pamphlet ' State regulated vice in India' 'The Sentinel' Sep 1895

- pamphlet 'Speech at the Bombay Town Council opposing Contagious Diseases Act in Bombay' by Rao Saheb VN Mandlik, 1895