Defence Regulation 33B: 1946-1948

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence in reply to a questionnaire sent out in Dec 1945 on the working of the Defence Regulation 33B (responses from Cardiff, Walsall, Norwich, Blackburn, Anglesey, Bristol, Bury, Southend-On-Sea, London County Council)

- extract from the Annual Report of the Ministry of Health for Kent County Council

- carbon copy notes from the Oxford Business & Professional Women's Club based on information supplied to them by a worker at a venereal diseases clinic (Oct 1946)

- correspondence relating to the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene's leaflet against Regulation 33B

- correspondence and papers obtaining statistics about cases of venereal disease

- correspondence concerning Dr Newsholme's objections of a pamphlet (Jan 1947) which led to his resignation

- copy of Regulations passed at the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene conference held on 26 Mar 1947 and correspondence relating to resolutions ie that Regulation 33B should be annulled

- correspondence with Aneurin Bevan MP about whether the Regulation 33B was going to be extended (allowed to lapse)

- correspondence concerning the Salford Corporation Bill, particularly section 58 which was a local Regulation 33B, and trying to remove it (Jan 1948)

- papers on the history of venereal disease legislation and prevention of venereal disease (1948)

- correspondence with Dr Burn about whether congenital syphilis could be dealt with under the Children's Act 1933 with statistics showing congenital syphilis in children from 1931 to 1945 (Feb 1948)

- memorandum on standing order position for Private Bills (8 Mar 1948)

- extracts from House of Lords' minutes of proceedings concerning the Salford Corporation Bill

- copies of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene petition to the House of Lords against the Salford Corporation Bill (evidence from Katharine Hardwick and Elizabeth Abbott) (Mar 1948)

- report of ad hoc sub-committee on 33B with evidence of the working of Regulation 33B


- pamphlet 'Venereal disease scheme, annual report 1946'

- 'Regulation 33B and the moral welfare worker', 'Church of England Welfare Council Quarterly', Oct 1946

- 'Health conditions among the civilian population of certain European countries affected by the war', no 3 revised edition, Comite International de la Croix-Rouge, Aug 1947

- pamphlet 'International aspects of the venereal disease problem' by Thorstein Guthe and John Hume, The American Social Hygiene Association, c. 1948

- House of Lords. Minutes of Proceedings, no 55, 9 Mar 1948

- pamphlets House of Lords. Minutes of evidence taken before the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Salford Corporation Bill, 17 Mar, 23 Mar, 24 Mar 1948

- pamphlet 'Salford Corporation Act [HL]', 1948

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'Regulation 33B. The Medical Aspect. The Legal Aspect. The Social Aspect', the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, Jun 1943 (ref 345.02534 REG )

- pamphlet 'Defence Regulation 33B', the Association for Moral & Social Hygiene, Mar 1946 (ref 345.02534 REG)

- pamphlet 'Defence regulation 33B and social workers' by KB Hardwick, reprinted from the 'Quarterly Leaflet', Oct 1946 (ref 345.02534 HAR)

- 'Compulsory methods and the treatment of venereal diseases' reprinted from 'The Shield' vol 9, no 2 May 1942 (ref 345.02534 COM)

- 'Regulation 33B - a doctor's point of view' by CO Hawthorne reprinted from 'The Shield' Apr 1943 (ref 345.02534 HAW)