Moral environment of His Majesty's Forces Part 12: press cuttings and publications

Scope and Content


- 'Note by the Chairman of the Committee (the Honourable Waldorf Astro, MP) to the Minister of Health on Prophylaxis against venereal disease', CMD 322, London: HMSO, 1919

- 'Statement made by the Ministry of Health with concurrence of the War Office, relative to incidence of venereal disease amongst soldiers in the Portsmouth military area and in the rest of the country. Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty', London: HMSO, 1920

- 'Recueil de documents etrangers' (14 Apr 1921) (French)

- circular 202 from the Ministry of Health to County and County Borough Councils on prevention and treatment of venereal diseases (31 May 1921)

- printed letter to the Prime Minister about the number of cases of violence against women (Wagner, Stockholm on reverse)

Press cuttings:

- concerning the policing of Cologne from 'Daily News' (c. 1915)

- concerning numbers of venereal disease in Egypt from 'British Medical Journal' (25 Mar 1920)

- letter to the Editor of 'The Lancet' on venereal infection in Rhine army (26 Mar 1921)

- page from 'The Women's Leader' with letters on prevention of venereal disease (3 Jun 1921)