1929 General Election: questionnaires to Parliamentary candidates

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Letters from Parliamentary candidates in reply to Leaflet no 2 asking whether the person would support the Public Places (Order) Bill which repealed the Solicitation laws - some have chosen not to reply because they have received so many questionnaires

- Correspondence with secretaries of organisations about distributing the questionnaires

- List of candidates (Mar 1929)


R Acland

Miss Albright

CW Baillie-Hamilton

Mrs Martyn Bardsley

FLL Bardsley

MR WE Barron

Allan Beaton

Captain Hubert Beaumont

WJ Beck

Barbara Bliss

Brendan Bracken

Dr Joseph S Bridges

Colonel Brown

Martin Browne

FG Burgess

Mr WP Campbell

RB Carrow

G Chapman

Phoebe Clauss

Sir Cyril S Cobb

Thomas Cook

Margaret Corbett Ashby

Mrs CD Corbett Fisher

A Creeck Jones

WT Curtis Willson

Haydn Davies

John Day

Guy Dixon

SR Dodds

A Duncan


D Eifion Evans

Mrs Greenwood

E Everard Gates

Mr SR Daniels

PV Emrys-Evans

Richard Fairbairn

Miss EE Froud

M Grant Morden

A Goodman

J Gurney Braithwaite

CMA Hamilton Fletcher

Alec E Glassey

Katharine Hardwick

Mr J Henderson Stewart

LM Horsman

Gertrude Horton

DE Jackson

Sir Henry Jackson

Arthur E Jalland

Lieutenant-Colonel Cuthbert James (letter)

Wing-Commander AWH James

Douglas Jamieson

GM Jarrett

EJ Johnson (with extract about Henry Richard from 'The Herald of Peace')

Mrs GW Johnson

Lucy Johnson

Miss FJ Josephy

George A Jones

Paul Latham (letter)

Dr JW Leech

Vera Laughton Mathews

M Leuthes

Miriam Liebster

Mrs Lawder-Eaton

Edith Lyford

Ernest Machin

WH Martin

George Mathers

AM Mathews

Robert McDougall

Isobel McKeown

Alan McLean

F de G Merrifield

Frank Milton

Miss EB Moline

HR Murray Philipson

Rev Murphy

ET Neathercoat

Robert Noton Barclay

Miss AF Ogilvie

J Bricknell Webb

Mary Parr

Joyce Pollard

Florence Powell

Mr H Plunket Woodgate

Geoffrey Raushay

JB Reynolds

Aled Roberts

Mrs Runciman

Harold Rubin

DO Sitcombe

Helen Schilizzi

Sir Archibald Sinclair

ARJ Southby

Commander Francis Spring Rice

Ben Smith

Lady Frances Stewart

Major AJ Suenson-Taylor

Frank Sedgwick

Mr WP Spens

CK Tatham

J Theobald

Mr FC Thornborough

Mr Hew Thomson Fraser

Captain AJK Todd

Mr JW Todd

Mr GT Veness

Miss Hester Viney

Dr Jane Walker

Captain JRP Warde-Aldam

Frederick Watkins

Captain John P Whiteley

Wilfrid Whiteley (Parliamentary Election leaflet)

Miss DM Wilkie

plus one unidentified