Save Shepherd Market Campaign

Scope and Content

Campaign directed by John Campbell, a restaurant owner in the area, with the aim to legalise brothels in order to eliminate problems of soliciting

Consist of:

- correspondence relating to a meeting in the House of Commons on 20 Apr 1978 asking for a 'red light district' to be established in the Shepherd Market area in Mayfair, London

- photocopy of '1978 Prostitution. A rapid growth, modernised, £1000pa industry'

- correspondence and press cutting concerning report by Ian Lloyd Trott about prostitution in the Shepherd Market area

Press cuttings:

- 'Vice girl to meet MPs' from 'Daily Mail' dated 23 Apr

- 'The awayday girls as the campaign is launched to strip Shepherd Market of its red light image...' from 'Evening News' (25 Apr 1978)