Queensland and Tasmania

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- carbon copy of letter concerning the working of the Contagious Diseases Act 1868 (1901)

- typescript notes on interview on 19 Feb 1914 with Hon Digby Denham, Premier of Queensland by Helen Wilson

- carbon copy 'Notes on paper re Queensland' with extracts from the 1919 official report by the Director of Quarantine for the Commonwealth of Australia

- carbon copy typescript outlining laws for Queensland and Tasmania relating to street order, brothels, age of consent, indecent assault, procuration, marriage and divorce, illegitimacy, legitimation, venereal diseases

- details about Health Acts 1900 to 1911 concerning examination of prostitutes on account of venereal disease

- correspondence concerning re-enforcement in Brisbane of the central features of the Contagious Diseases Act (1914) and the sending of literature

- typescript 'Memorandum re compulsory periodic examination of prostitutes for venereal diseases' (Jul 1930)

- correspondence and statistics concerning compulsory examination of prostitutes (1929)

- typescript extract from annual report for 1935 from Department of Public Health for Tasmania with statistics showing venereal disease notifications

- section from 'Medical Journal of Australia' on venereal diseases in Tasmania (8 Mar 1919)


- 'Health Act Amendment Act of 1911'

- 'Health Acts Amendment Act of 1916 and shall be read as one with 'The Health Acts 1900 to 1911...'

- 'Health Acts 1900-1922', Brisbane, 1923

- 'The soldier and the woman' page from 'The British-Australasian' dated 17 Aug 1916

- 'Health Acts Amendment Act of 1917' Queensland Government Gazette no 68

- 'Minutes of evidence taken before the Select Committee on the Prevalence of Venereal Diseases' Legislative Assembly New South Wales 1915

- pamphlet 'Notification - Can we make use of it?' by WJPW [1916]

- 'Food and Drug Regulations 1928' Queensland

- 'Queensland Government Gazette' published by authority (1923-1937)

- extracts from 'Queensland Government Gazette' (1928-1938)

- 'The Poisons Regulations of 1924 with amendments' (c 1925)

- 'The Health Act of 1937', Brisbane, 1938

- 'Health Act Amendment Act of 1939' Queensland Government Gazette no 154

- 'Annual report of the Commissioner of Public Health to 30 Jun 1929', Brisbane, 1929

- 'Annual report of the Commissioner of Public Health to 30 Jun 1930', Brisbane, 1930

- 'Annual report on the Health and Medical Services of the State of Queensland for the year 1934-1935', Brisbane: 1935 and for the years 1936-1940

Press cuttings:

- 'Medical news in brief' from 'Medical Press' dated 13 Jul 1918