Scope and Content

Minutes dated: 7 Jan; 4 Feb; 4 Mar; 1 Apr; 6 May; 3 Jun; 1 Jul; 9 Sep; 7 Oct; 4 Nov; 2 Dec

Recurring topics: Street Offences Act 1959; draft international law; appeal for funds; film on the life of Josephine Butler; questionnaire on discriminatory legislation involving prostitutes

Particular items:

- report of meeting with Alice Bacon on 29 Apr 1965, report of M Chave Collisson at the Conference of the Six Point Group on 25-27 Mar 1965, and resolutions of Annual General Meeting (minutes for 6 May)

- report of the meeting of the International Abolitionist Federation in Paris on 8-9 May 1965 and Paris conference on 29 May (minutes for 3 Jun)

- future of the Josephine Butler Society (minutes for 4 Nov and 2 Dec)