Monographs on Higher Management

Scope and Content

The Monographs were initiated by the Department following the Conference of Industrialists held in May 1945 (see MSM/2/2) which had recommended developing management education courses for senior executives. The monographs are based on lectures delivered for this course by leading management theorists and practitioners.

  • No.1 Lyndall Urwick, Patterns of Organization March 1946
  • No.2 A.P.M. Fleming, The Impact of Science on Industry April 1946
  • No.3 T.G. Rose, The Mensuration of Management July 1946
  • No.4 C.G. Renold, The Employer and the Social Fabric May 1946
  • No.5 Wilfred B.D. Brown, Principles of Organization December 1946
  • No.6 F.R.M. de Paula, Financial Planning and Control November 1946
  • No.7 H.T. Weeks, Trade and Statistics June 1947
  • No.8 W. Coutts Donald, Management Audit May 1947
  • No.9 Gerald R. Moxon, An Approach to Personnel Management July 1947
  • No.10 Lyndall Urwick, MoraleAugust 1947
  • No.11 Lyndall Urwick, Comparative Organization December 1947
  • No.12 John Ryan, The Role of the Director January 1948
  • No.13 Winifred Raphael, The Influence of Higher Management on the Working Group February 1948
  • No.14 G. Chelioti, Scientific Management May 1948
  • No.15 Sir Charles J. Bartlett,Some aspects of Management Co-Ordination: To-day and To-morrow May 1948
  • No.16 J.J. Gracie,Job Evaluation and Merit Rating in Theory and Practice May 1948
  • No.17 J.R.M. Simmons, Office Management and the General Manager December 1948
  • No.18 L.W. Robson, Costing as an Instrument of Management January 1949
  • No.19 John Leigh,Production Planning and Control February 1949
  • No.20 Lewis C. Ord, The Application of American Management Techniques to British IndustryOctober 1949
  • No.21 R.J. Fraser,Work Study and Management July 1950
  • No.22 J. Maddock, Costing, Budgetary Control and ManagementNovember 1950
  • No.23 Harold Whitehead, Problems of Marketing March 1951
  • No.24 C.H. Northcott,Policy and Leadership in Personnel Management July 1951