Correspondence and reports from Marinelli Agency to Alfred Moul

Scope and Content

Correspondece relating to acts including Birdie Millman, the Kirksmith Sisters, Moon and Morris, Scali and Scali, Josie Rooney, Mlle Loyal's Pigeons, Gaby Deslys My Lady's Fan, Nellie McCoy, Uessems, Arlette Dorgere, Bravouroffs, Asti troupe, Thora, Raquel Meller, Dugan and Raymond, Bedini and Arthur, Scamp and Scamp, John & Maie Burke, Scott Brothers, Rudinoff, The Matzetti Troupe, Ethel Green, Keno Walsh and Melrose, Yvette, The Berrins, Howard and North, The Caits Brothers Bennet Sisters, Chas Innes & Maud Ryan and productions including L'enfant prodigue, Perdita based on a Tale of Hoffmann by Mr. Tiedemann. Also included is a schedule for Birdie Millman 1911-1914, a list of acts for 9 Jan 1912, 7 Feb 1912 and notification of the Shubert's payment for the transfer of the ballet 1830.