Correspondence from Andre Charlot to Alfred Moul and Woodford

Scope and Content

Correspondence concerning acts including: 3 Meers, Jennings Bray, Miss Haney, L Criolla, Battaglia, Mlle Davrigny, Mlle Esmee,Spinnelly, Les Metamorphoses, Made Siame, Myral, Dorgere, Gaby Deslys, Mlle Fabiani and dancers Carlotta Brianza, Bessie Clayton and Regina Badet. Also reports on Parisian productions and revues including Comedie Royale, Un Revue chez Mayol, Grand Guignol, Casino de Paris, Folies Bergere,La Cigale, Noveau Cirque, Moulin Rouge, Theatre Antoine, Eldorado, Cirque Medrano, Varities.