Letters From Academics and Students (A-H)

Scope and Content

Correspondents A-H:

A: Angie Avraamids.

B: Brian Bristow; Dainis Bisenieks; Laurence Bristow-Smith; Hugh Brogan, Editor of the Cambridge Review; Marilyn [Brooks], Mervyn Peake Society; Sharon Baxter; Brian E Belet.

C: Jacquelyn Colesby; Rosa Gonzalez Casademont.

D: Paul Davies.

E: Extrapolation, the Newsletter of the MLA Conference on Science-Fiction; Roger Elliott.

F: Kanthi Ford; Jacques Favier; Lionel [Farrell].

G-H: Jay Gardiner-[Scott]; Colin Greenland; Richard Horne; Carol Griffiths.


  • revised typescript article 'The Gutters of Gormenghast' by Hugh Brogan;
  • thesis 'Aspectos de la Obra Literaria de Mervyn Peake' by Rosa Gonzalez Casademont.

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