General Correspondence Vol 11 A

Scope and Content

Letters to Maeve Gilmore.

Correspondents A-G:

A: Alan Allsop; Arts Council of Great Britain.

B: Dainis Bisenieks; Hugh Brogan; Laura [Elsie Laura Beckingsale]; Margaret; John Baxter; Judie E Bland; Hugh Brogan; Ian Bland; Norton [Banks]; Margaret Beveridge; Anne Boulting; Books and Bookmen; [Hélène] Bruce; Mary; Laurence Bristow-Smith; James Boylan.

C: Paul [Chown]; Lucy Cottrell and Peter Moss; Catney; Richard Collins; Rachel Campbell-Johnston; Peter [Cotes]; Humphrey Carpenter; George Cawkwell, University College Oxford.

D: Anthony Daniels.

E: Christopher Porteous; Roger Elliott and Anne Bonehill; Roger Elliott; Robert Ezrin of Academy Editions.

F: [Lionel] Farrell.

G: Justin Gilbert; John and Mave [Grome]; Jessica Griffin; Desmond; Marion; Sylvia.

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