'Titus' (Gormenghast chapters 38-50)

Scope and Content

Autograph manuscript in ink, with authorial revisions. Dated 2 April 1949, 6.25am, Sark. At the end of the manuscript there are:

  • nonsense poems with accompanying illustrations: 'Have a pear' (f.71v) and 'Little spider' (f.72);
  • character notes on Titus, Fuchsia, the Cockatrice and Steerpike (f.77v);
  • 'Abstract ideas' (f.78);
  • 'Notes on Titus characters - ideas etc' (f.79);
  • list of possible titles.

There are doodles, sketches and character drawings in ink throughout, including:

  • f.2: Titus;
  • f.4: margin doodle of beaked creature;
  • f.4v: Barquentine sat on chair;
  • f.5: framed picture of bird; Barquentine on crutch, tree in foreground, castle in distance;
  • f.6: small sketch of short-legged horse with headpiece;
  • f.7v: male head [Titus?];
  • f.8: Steerpike holding burning wick;
  • f.8v: margin doodle, appears to be tribal mask;
  • f.9v: horizontally elongated Chinese face wearing curved hat;
  • f.10v: margin doodle of female figure with arms raised;
  • f.12: margin doodle: shaved head;
  • f.15: falling donkey;
  • f.15v: male tribal figure;
  • f.16v: palm tree;
  • f.23: figure with arms folded;
  • f.23v: Flay with long hair and long beard, sat among foliage;
  • f.24: male head [the Poet?];
  • f.24v: margin doodle with face and upper torso made up of tribal markings;
  • f.25: winged and beaked creatures dancing on head of baby; head of man in pointed hat;
  • f.27: Flay under tree, in ink; and in profile, in crayon;
  • f.30: line drawing of female in deckchair;
  • f.33: margin doodle, head of boy in pointed hat;
  • f.33v: margin doodle of winged object;
  • f.36: Flay;
  • f.37v: dagger;
  • f.41v: cat;
  • f.44: appears to be figure of child;
  • f.47: male figure with head of horse;
  • f.48: baby;
  • f.49v: stylised doodle of figure holding mask; interior scene looking through door;
  • f.50v: margin doodle of figure at foot of tall building;
  • f.51v: figure holding bird, tree in background;
  • f.55: bearers carrying blindfolded Titus in sedan chair on bamboo poles;
  • f.62: hand holding baby;
  • f.64: sketch of paved environment? [subject unclear];
  • f.67: two heads of baby;
  • f.68: monkey riding mule;
  • f.69: large drawing of male head;
  • f.70: baby;
  • f.74: sketch of title page, 'The Boy';
  • f.77: line drawing of man with moustache wearing hat;
  • f.79v: doodle of head wearing helmet;
  • f.80: doodle of duck.

Conditions Governing Access

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Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Materials: hard-bound volume.

Dimensions: 335mm x 213mm.

Foliation: ff.i+80.