Autograph Manuscript (Mr Pye chapters 8-16)

Scope and Content

Revised draft. List of characters on f.85v. Notes on story, characters, dialogue and potential titles at end of manuscript. Beginning of poem 'Love has left us' on f.82. Inscribed 'Smarden, Kent'. Undated.

Doodles throughout manuscript plus the following sketches in pencil, ink and wash:

  • f.9: three heads;
  • f.13: doodles of stick figure and animal;
  • f.16v: margin doodles of soldier and head of Chinese man;
  • f.22: head of man [Muzzlehatch? from Titus Alone];
  • ff.23v-24: doodles of bird and skeleton running; female and male heads;
  • f.25: margin doodle of ink pen;
  • f.27: margin doodle of female figure;
  • f.29: dolphins;
  • f.34: large bird looking down at human figure;
  • ff.34v-35: two sketches of woman and child [for painting?];
  • f.38: figure holding up skirts;
  • f.43: line drawing of female face [Maeve?];
  • f.43v: plan of Mervyn and Maeve's workspace;
  • f.46: stack of ?canvases;
  • f.47: two figures on a train, one in military uniform;
  • f.54: female figure;
  • f.54v: stylised male figure and creature;
  • f.55v: margin doodle of vase shaped like lower half of female body, containing flowers;
  • f.56: margin doodle of machine gun;
  • f.58: margin doodle of stylised head;
  • f.58v: margin doodle of stylised head;
  • f.61: margin doodle of bird;
  • f.76v: Maeve? with head in hand;
  • f.77: cartoon of three birds in frame; stylised head;
  • f.78: studies from life of female figure and face;
  • f.79: line drawing of female figure with tail;
  • f.80: line drawing of two figures in long gowns with four-legged animal;
  • f.80v: curvilinear line drawing of female figure and dog;
  • ff.81v-82: two sketches of Mr Pye; plan view diagram of interior;
  • ff.82v-83: doodles of pig, male figures and ink pens;
  • f.84: line drawing of female figure.

Conditions Governing Access


Not Public Record(s)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Materials: hard-bound volume.

Dimensions: 177mm x 225mm.

Foliation: ff.ii+86.