Letters From Mervyn Peake (part 1)

Scope and Content

Autograph letters and poem to his wife Maeve Gilmore.


  • 'The Dwarf of Battersea': ballad poem written for Maeve with introduction by Mervyn and sketch of Mervyn watching the Dwarf seize Maeve; 1937 (8 leaves plus envelope).


  • 'My sweetest, my most dear darling Maeve': with drawing in pen and ink and coloured wash on verso of horses drowning; undated [but probably from 1942 as Mervyn mentions asking for leave to visit his wife on the birth of their child (probably Fabian) - see G Peter Winnington, Mervyn Peake's Vast Alchemies (London: Peter Owen, 2009), p.175.] (1 leaf).
  • ‘My Maeve, my own dear, dear Maeve’: inscribed 'Clitheroe'; undated [1942 - on the birth of Fabian] (1 leaf ).
  • ‘My more than ever darling girl’; undated [December 1943]; originally with Embankment Gardens envelope postmarked ‘18’ (3 leaves).

To 94 Wepham, Arundel from Chelsea:

  • ‘Most loved, most lovely and most dear’: contains small sketch of horse's head; postmarked 4 July 1944 (2 leaves plus envelope).
  • ‘Most dearest darling’: postmarked 5 July 1944 (2 leaves plus envelope).
  • ‘My own sweet wife’: 13 July 1944 (1 leaf plus envelope).
  • ‘Dearest of all’: postmarked 15 July 1944 (1 leaf plus envelope).
  • ‘Maeve’: contains small drawing of advertising man's head; postmarked 17 July 1944 (1 leaf plus envelope).
  • ‘My very darling’: 26 July 1944 (4 leaves plus envelope marked ‘LATE FEE’).
  • ‘Dearest sweetheart’: postmarked 2 August 1944 (2 leaves plus envelope).
  • ‘Maeve Maeve’: with envelope dated 12 August 1944 inscribed 'Maeve (To be opened when you are alone this evening)' (1 leaf plus envelope).

To Groombridge Nursing Home from Chelsea:

  • ‘My darling heart’: inscribed 'Lees. Kings Rd.'; postmarked 15 August 1944 (1 leaf plus envelope).
  • ‘My most darling Maeve’: postmarked 16 August 1944 (2 leaves plus envelope).
  • ‘My own’: 17 August 1944 (1 leaf plus envelope)

Also includes two silhouettes of a female figure [Maeve?] with an envelope addressed to Maeve in Mervyn Peake's hand.


British Library arrangement. Silhouettes were originally found amongst Maeve's loose papers, not with her correspondence.

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