Letters From Famous People, Publishers, Friends and Fans

Scope and Content

Single letters or items received from:

  • 'Goatie' [Peake's former school friend Gordon Smith] (in the form of a poem entitled 'Epistle to Mr Peake' re publication of Titus Groan);
  • Bette L Wheeler;
  • Lisl Drake Beer;
  • Antony Borrow (with pencil sketch by Mervyn on reverse showing a man holding a sword, with his arm around a smaller figure);
  • Enid [Bagnold];
  • Norman Hudis;
  • Michael Ayrton;
  • Sandy Wilson;
  • Paul Scofield;
  • Roy [Walker];
  • Eunice [-] of Penguin Books;
  • The Horn Book inc;
  • Kenneth Tynan;
  • Victor Gollancz;
  • International Copyright Bureau;
  • Geoffrey A J Farmer;
  • Jan [Janice Thompson] (name inscribed on envelope in Maeve's hand);
  • J Taylor (pencil sketch 'Portrait of Mrs Peake' inscribed 'To M Peake and wife');
  • Hazel McKinley;
  • and the first page of a letter with the address 84 Redcliffe Gardens, sender unknown.

Multiple letters received from:

  • John Clements (3);
  • J M Dent & Sons Ltd (17);
  • Eyre & Spottiswoode (8 letters plus a note in Mervyn's hand regarding the poor quality of an edition of Letters From a Lost Uncle);
  • The Folio Society (5);
  • Alec Guinness (2);
  • David Higham (4);
  • David Jones of the BBC (2);
  • Edwin Mullins (2);
  • John Bell of Oxford University Press (2);
  • Royal Society of Literature (1 letter; 2 invitation cards);
  • Stephen Spender at Encounter (4);
  • Town & Country (2);
  • Henry Treece (3);
  • Colin [Smythe?] (2).


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