'Gormenghast' Opera (part one)

Scope and Content

Three autograph working notebooks:

  • A: 'Gormenghast'. Opening scenes of the play corresponding with beginning of the novel Titus Groan. Includes designs for the Countess's bedroom and a drawing of Rottcodd in his hammock. Also contains a leaf of tracing paper with symbols drawn in pencil, entitled 'Part 1 of Book 11'. 2 November 1949.
  • B: Comprises: opening scene between Dr Prunesquallor and Sepulchrave; scene between Bellgrove and other professors; lists of scenes for all three acts; list of themes; sketches of Steerpike, the Countess's bedroom and the Gormenghast sky-field. Undated.
  • C: Comprises scenes beginning with Titus's first birthday and ending with Steerpike entering Dr Prunesquallor's employ. Also includes brief notes on plot. Undated.

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