'Titus in Umbra: The Earl and the Cockatrice' (Gormenghast chapters 14-36)

Scope and Content

Autograph manuscript in various colour inks and pencil, with extensive authorial revisions. Holes punched into front cover spelling out 'Titus'. Supplementary leaves with additions and revisions pasted in, manuscript and typescript. Text for chapters 15-17 does not follow the same order as the published text. At the end of the volume there is a list of scenes to be written, notes on plot development and a list of 'dramatis personae' (alive and dead). Begun on Sark on 21 February 1948 and dated throughout.

Drawings in ink, pencil and wash include:

  • f.1: title page for 'The Earl and the Cockatrice' depicting a female figure in a tree [about to fall?] and a male figure beneath;
  • f.2: title page for 'Titus in Umbra' depicting lettering on castle walls above Titus reclining on a plinth;
  • f.4: title page for 'Titus in Umbra', lettering amidst masonry;
  • f.11: Dr Prunesquallor and Irma;
  • f.14: Irma Prunesquallor with hands clasped;
  • f.17: head of Professor Bellgrove wearing mortar board;
  • f.23: head of Professor Bellgrove;
  • f.25: two professors in quadrangle;
  • f.25v: unidentified four-legged creature;
  • f.26: two mortar boards;
  • f.27: professor with besom;
  • f.35v: Titus on horse, Gormenghast in background;
  • f.39v: Titus at the foot of the cliffs of Gormenghast;
  • f.40: unidentified dragon-like creature pointing to chapter heading;
  • f.42: seated figure with long nose and chin, clouds;
  • f.44: Titus outside forest;
  • f.49: professor wearing mortar board;
  • f.55: two giant Gormenghast coins upended on flagstones;
  • f.60: head;
  • f.64: two professors running;
  • f.70: head of Bellgrove;
  • f.90v: Flay carrying Titus;
  • f.95: doodle of dragon-like head [emerging from pen nib with trailing feathers?];
  • f.105: Fuchsia, Titus and Nannie Slagg?;
  • f.116: Bellgrove and Titus;
  • f.119: Bellgrove and Titus; head of man [appears to have sweat dripping from brow, looks similar to Muzzelhatch];
  • f.120v: Prunesquallor;
  • f.123: female head;
  • f.123v: Fuchsia?
  • f.124: interior and exterior scenes [of Gormenghast?];
  • f.125: female face;
  • f.132: Barquentine;
  • f.133: head with long nose and chin wearing hat with three crests;
  • f.135: figure sat on floor, seen from above;
  • f.140: Barquentine and Steerpike;
  • f.144: Steerpike dancing behind Barquentine's back;
  • f.147: Maeve with open book;
  • f.159: Fabian Peake? holding toy car;
  • f.159v: man in conical Asian hat [or 'coolie' hat] with fish;
  • f.164: female with head in hands;
  • f.167v: face of male;
  • f.171: diagram of ?landscape [for painting?], annotated with intended colours;
  • f.172: two bearded men nose to nose;
  • f.176: study from life of female head;
  • f.177: rock formation;
  • f.177v: line drawing of head of boy [Titus?];
  • f.178: detailed drawing of man with long nose and chin [Muzzlehatch?];
  • f.185: cat reclining;
  • f.194: drawing from life of female figure;
  • f.203v: heads of child and man with glasses;
  • f.208: 'The Lion and the Mouse';
  • f.214: Sebastian Peake? tied to tree;
  • f.226: Sebastian Peake? with bicycle;
  • f.231: toy horse;
  • f.233v: reclining male nude;
  • f.236: head of female resting on cushion;
  • f.244: devilish figure with pointed ears;
  • f.246v: hairy male head;
  • f.247: rough sketch of female nude walking;
  • f.249: female head; baby's head;
  • f.253v: heads of Irma and Bellgrove;
  • f.255: margin doodle of arrow;
  • f.258v: Irma fallen to the floor;
  • ff.263v-264: birds, cat, mouse, worm, snail;
  • f.266v: male figure in professor's gown with head of bird;
  • f.272: head of male with side of face bandaged/covered;
  • f.274v: female figure sleeping;
  • f.280v: stylised male face;
  • f.284: two stick figures, one pushing the other out of a boat, with note '? Flay pursues St [Steerpike] in boat';
  • f.286: whale; child;
  • f.288: figure and dog with rabbit in its mouth [drawn by child?];
  • f.288v: head of Maeve?;
  • f.289v: heads of a young man [Titus?] and older man; head of Bellgrove?;
  • f.290v: crying woman holding mask, with child.

See Add MS 88931/1/3/16 for foolscap leaves originally enclosed with this volume.

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