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Scope and Content

'Matthew Arnold and John Stuart Mill' by Edward Alexander, 10 Jun 1965

'Prometheus: the Life of Balzac' by André Maurois, translated by Norman Denny, 4 Nov 1965

'It was not in the news' by Max Cohen, 2 Dec 1965

'The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot' ed. Norman St John-Stevas, 6 Jan 1966

'The Letters of Mrs Gaskell' eds JAV Chapple and Arthur Pollard, 1 Dec 1966

'Classs' ed. Richard Mabey, 2 Mar 1967

'The Unprivileged' by Jeremy Seabrook, 27 Apr 1967

'The Revolution of the Dons: Cambridge and Society in Victorian England' by Sheldon Rothblatt, 8 Feb 1968

'The Dissenting Academy' ed Theodore Hoszak, 4 Apr 1968

'Working Class Community' by Brian Jackson, 25 Apr 1968

'The Victorian Debate' by Raymond Chapman, 25 Jul 1968

'The Sociology of Literature' by Diana T Laurenson and Alan Singswood, 24 Aug 1972

'Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture' by Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron, 5 May 1977

'Society, State and Schooling' by Michael Young and Geoff Whitty, 5 May 1977

'Fiction and the Fiction Industry' by JA Sutherland, 4 May 1978

'Main Currents of Marxism: 3 vols' Leszek Kolakowski, 23 Nov 1978 (annotated)

'Cultural Creation in Modern Society' by Lucien Goldmann, 5 Jan 1978

'Lukács and Heidegger: towards a new philosophy' by Lucien Goldmann, 5 Jan 1978

'George Lukacs - from Romanticism to Bolshevism', 24 Jan 1980

'Performance and Politics in Popular Drama' eds David Bradby, Louis James and Bernard Sharratt, 24 Apr 1980

'Essays on Realism' by Georg Lukacs, 20 Nov 1980, with letter to Raymond Williams from Rosa Barreto with proof of review, and note, 13 Nov 1980

'Stages in the Revolution: Political Theatre in Britain since 1968' by Catherine Itzin, 27 Nov 1980

'Teachers, Writers and Celebrities: the intellectuals of modern France' by Régis Debray, 21 May 1981

'William Cobbett: the Poor Man's Friend' by George Spater, 29 Apr 1982

'Destiny Obscure: autobiographies of childhood, education and family from the 1820s to the 1920s' by John Burnett, 7 Oct 1982

'Working Class Childhood: an oral history' by Jeremy Seabrook, 7 Oct 1982

'The Naked Artist' by Peter Fuller, 16 Jun 1983

'Aesthetics after Modernism' by Peter Fuller, 16 Jun 1983

'Dockers and Detectives' by Ken Worpole, 5 Jan 1984

'Adieux: a farewell to Sartre' by Simone de Beauvoir, 21 Jun 1984

'The Grain of the Voice: Interviews 1962-80' Roland Barthes, translated by Linda Coverdale, 11 Oct 1985

'Wales: the Imagined Nation. Essays in Cultural and National Identity' ed. Tony Curtis, 4 Jul 1986