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'The Rise of the Meritocracy' by Michael Young, 30 Oct 1958

'Coleridge the Visionary' by JB Beer, Jul 1959 [on reverse is review of 'The Road to Wigan Pier' by George Orwell, for 'The Observer']

'The Reaction to Coleridge', 17 Jul 1959

'Collected Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, vols III and IV', ed. EL Griggs, 11 Sep 1959

'The Novels of George Eliot by Jerome Thrale, 15 Oct 1959

'The Spare Chancellor' by Alistair Buchan, 16 Oct 1959

'The Life of John Middleton Murry' by FA Lea, 6 Nov 1959

'American Critical Essays, Twentieth Century' ed. Harold Beaver, 27 Nov 1959

'Coleridge: Critic of Society' by John Colmer, 11 Dec 1959

'Young Writers, Young Readers' by Boris Ford, 15 Jan 1960

'Literature and Western Man' by JB Priestly, 19 Feb 1960

'Shelley, his Thought and Work' by Desmond King-Hele, 12 Feb 1960

'Literature and Western Man' by JB Priestly, 19 Feb 1960

'Studies in the History of Education, 1780-1870' by Brian Simon, 14 Apr 1960

'Image and Experience' by Graham Hough, 17 Jun 1960

'In Defense of Reason' by Yvor Winters, 1 Jul 1960

'For Love or Money' by Richard Rees, 12 Aug 1960

'Darwin and Butler: two versions of evolution' by Basil Willey, 30 Sep 1960

'Critical History of English Literature' by David Daiches, 30 Sept 1960

'The Creative Vision: Modern European Writers on their Art ed. Haskell M Block and Herman Salinger, 25 Nov 1960

'Realism and Imagination' by Joseph Chiari, Dec 1960

'TS Eliot and the Idea of Tradition' by Sean Lucy, 9 Dec 1960

'The Plays of TS Eliot' by DE Jones, 9 Dec 1960

'Realism and Imagination' by Joseph Chiari, 23 Dec 1960

'A West Country Villiage: Ashworthy: Family, Kinship and Land' by WM Williams

'The Orphic Voice' by Elizabeth Sewell, 10 Feb 1961

'Some Mythical Elements in English Literature' by EMW Tillyard, 24 Feb 1961

'Brecht' by Ronald Gray, 24 Mar 1961

'Ionesco' by Richard N Coe, 24 Mar 1961

'Thomas Hardy' by Douglas Brown, 28 Apr 1961

'Edith Simcox and George Eliot' by KA McKenzie, 26 May 1961

'The Writer's Dilemma' [ed Stephen Spender], 9 Jun 1961

'Essays and Studies, 1961' English Association (with letter to Raymond Williams from Geoffrey Moorhouse, The Guardian, 1 Jun 1961

'Essays and Studies, 1961' by John Murray, 7 Jul 1961

'The Old Men at the Zoo' by Angus Wilson, 29 Sep 1961

'The Art of George Eliot' by WJ Harvey, 20 Oct 1961

'The Death of Tragedy' by George Steiner, 10 Nov 1961

'Heavens Below - Utopian Experiments in England, 1560-1960' by WHG Armytage, 5 Jan 1962

'The Function of Criticism' by Yvor Winters, 9 Mar 1962

'Letters from Lawrence', 23 Mar 1962

'Island' by Aldous Huxley, 30 Mar 1962

'A Modern Symposium by Lowes Dickinson, 15 Jun 1962

'Notes towards the Definition of Culture by TS Eliot, 15 Jun 1962

'Literature, Popular Culture and Society by Leo Lowenthal, 15 Jun 1962

'The House of Intellect' by Jacques Barzun, 15 Jun 1962

'The Captive Mind' by Czeslaw Milosz, 15 Jun 1962

'Classic, Romantic and Modern' by Barzun, 30 Aug 1962

'The Dark Comedy' by JL Styan, 5 Oct 1962

'Living in Croesor' by Philip O'Connor, 26 Oct 1962

'The Contemporary Theatre', eds JR Brown and B Harris, 30 Nov 1962

'Philosophical Sketches' by Susanne Langer, 28 Dec 1962

'Contemporaries' by Alfred Kazin, 1 Feb 1963

'English Literature 1789-1815' by WL Renwick, 15 Feb 1963

'The Radical Tradition' by RH Tawney, 21 Feb 1963

'The Public Happiness' by August Heckscher, 29 Mar 1963

'Fiction for the Working Man, 1830-1850' by Louis James, 27 Sep 1963

'The Dream and the Task' by Graham Hough, 11 Oct 1963

'Logic and Criticism' by William Righter, 11 Oct 1963

'Experience into Words' by DW Harding, 11 Oct 1963

'Dickens and Education' by Philip Collins, 22 Nov 1963

'Scrutiny, Vol XX', 25 Oct 1963

'Science: The Glorious Entertainment' by Jacques Barzun, 15 May 1964

'The Mortal No: death and the modern imagination' by Frederick J Hoffman, 12 Jun 1964 (annotated)

'John Addington Symonds: a biography' by Phyllis Grosskurth, 3 Jul 1964

'The Unbelievers' by AOJ Cockshut, 10 Jul 1964

'Wordsworth and the Poetry of Sincerity' by David Perkins, 28 Aug 1964

'Corridors of Power' by Snow, 6 Nov 1964 (annotated)

The Letters of Charles Dickens, vol. 1, 1820-39 eds Madeline House and Graham Storey, 11 Feb 1965

'Dickens from Pickwick to Dombey' by Steven Marcus, 11 Feb 1965

'The View of France, from Arnold to Bloomsbury' by Christophe Campos, 26 Mar 1965

''Comparative View of French and British Civilization, 1850-1870' by FC Green, 26 Mar 1965

'Further Explorations' by LC Knights, 9 Apr 1965

'Education and Values' by GH Bantock, 23 Apr 1965

'A Vision of Reality' by Frederick Grubb, 2 Jul 1965

'The Theatre of Revolt' by Robert Brustein, 9 Jul 1965

'The Pursuit of Certainty' by Shirley Robin Letwin, 24 Sep 1965

'The Concept of Freedom' by Christopher Caudwell, 12 Nov 1965

'Poems' by Christopher Caudwell, 12 Nov 1965

'The World we have Lost' by Peter Laslett, 19 Nov 1965

'Writers and Politics' by Conor Cruise O'Brien, 26 Nov 1965

'The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre', 29 Nov 1965

'Thomas Hardy: the will and the way' by Roy Morrell, 10 Dec 1965

'Hardy of Wessex' by Carl J Weber, 10 Dec 1965

'The Dynasts' by Thomas Hardy, 10 Dec 1965

'Beyond Culture' by Lionel Trilling, 15 Apr 1966

'The Beginners' by Dan Jacobson, 27 May 1966

'Tolstoy and the Novel' by John Bayley, 21 Oct 1966

'The Primal Curse: the myth of Cain and Abel in the theatre' by Honor Matthews, 13 Jan 1967

'Coleridge, the work and the relevance' by William Walsh, 24 Feb 1967

'Fenland Chronicle' by Sybil Marshall, 31 Mar 1967

'The Work of William Morris' by Paul Thompson, 3 Mar 1967

'Sartre, Romantic Rationalist' by Iris Murdoch, 12 May 1967

'Thomas Hardy's personal writings' ed. Harold Orel, 19 May 1967

'The Crystal Spirit: A study of George Orwell' by George Woodcock, 26 May 1967

'The Autobiography of a working man' by Alexander Somerville, 7 Jul 1967

'The Autobiography of Samuel Bamford: vol.1, Early Days, vol. 2 Passages in the Life of a Radical' ed. WH Chaloner [7 Jul 1967]

''Anna Karenina' and other essays by FR Leavis', 1 Dec 1967

'Phoenix II: Uncollected, unpublished and other prose works by DH Lawrence' eds Warren Roberts and Harry T Moore, 19 Jan 1968

'Intellectuals Today: problems in a changing society' by TR Fyvel, 1 Mar 1968

'The Left Review, October 1934-May 1938', 22 Mar 1968

'The Ordinary Universe: soundings in modern literature by Denis Donoghue, 5 Jul 1968

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'The First Circle' by Alexander Solzhenitsyn', 21 Nov 1968

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'English Literature in our Time and the University' by FR Leavis, 18 Dec 1969

'The Limits of Protest' by Peter Buckman, 8 Jan 1970

'Camus' by Conor Cruise O'Brien, 15 Jan 1970

'Fanon' by David Caute, 15 Jan 1970

'Levi-Strauss' by Edmond Leach, 15 Jan 1970

'Marcuse' by Alasdair MacIntyre, 15 Jan 1970

'Guevara' by Andrew Sinclair, 15 Jan 1970

'Speaking to each other vol.1 About Society vol 2 About Literature' by Richard Hoggart, 26 Feb 1970

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'On Violence' by Hannah Arendt, 25 Jun 1970

'Brief Chronicles: Essays on Modern Theatre' by Martin Esslin, 2 Jul 1970

'Fears of Fragmentation' by Arnold Wesker, 16 Jul 1970

'Theory of Communication' by Philip Hobsbaum, 3 Sep 1970

'The Rape of Tamar' by Dan Jacobson, 1 Oct 1970

'The Stubborn Structure: Essays on Criticism and Society' by Northrop Frye, 12 Nov 1970

'Protest and Discontent' eds Bernard Crick and William A Robson, 26 Nov 1970

'Industrialisation and Culture, 1830-1914' by Christopher Harvie, Graham Martin and Aaron Scharf, 31 Dec 1970

'Respectable Radical: George Howell and Victorian Working Class Politics' by FM Leventhal, 28 Jan 1971

'The Decline of Working Class Politics' by Barry Hindess, 28 Jan 1971

'Respectable Radical: George Hwell and Victorian Working Class Politics', handwritten and annotated, 6 Feb 1971

'History and Class Consciousness' by Georg Lukacs, 25 Feb 1971

'Solzhenitsyn' by Georg Lukacs, 25 Feb 1971

'The Welsh Extremist: A culture in crisis' by Ned Thomas, 3 Jun 1971

'The Crisis of British Socialism' by Ken Coates, 10 Jul 1971

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'The Backroom Boys' by Noam Chomsky, 1 Nov 1973

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'Thomas Hardy: Desperate Remedies; A Pair of Blue Eyes; the Hand of Ethelberta; A Laodicean; Two on a Tower; The Well-Beloved', 5 Feb 1976

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