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      1951-late 20th century
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Scope and Content

'Reading and Criticism: An experiment in the teaching of literature'; Third Programme, broadcast 26 Feb 1951

'Discussion about Equality: Programme I - What is meant by equality': typescript pages of script / transcript of discussion between Isaiah Berlin, Herbert Hart, Raymond Williams, Enoch Powell, Bernard Williams and Stuart Hampshire; Third Programme; recorded 6 Jun 1961, broadcast Nov 1961

'Dawn University: Stories about the future', scripts, with annotation; recorded 23 Sep 1963

'A Letter from the Country': script and schedule [recorded for 'Thirty Minutes Theatre', BBC2, 1966]

'One Pair of Eyes' - Border Country: shooting schedule; audience research report, 4 Apr 1967; 'Journeys across the border' by Raymond Williams, re film for 'One Pair of Eyes'; audio / visual script and notes about changes, typescript text; schedule for commentary and audio / visual : typescript and handwritten, BBC, [c1960s]

'Your Sunday Paper. No.11 - Criticism': Schedule and script, 25 Jun 1967; scripts with letter to Raymond Williams from ABC Television Ltd, re Your Sunday Paper, 23 Jan 1967; and other parts of script re Sunday papers

'Not checked in talks department with 'as broadcast' script: Literature and the City'' - annotated typescript and some handwritten papers; recorded 31 Oct 1967, transmitted 14 Nov 1967

'Personal View', script, and annotations, Radio Three [BBC], transmitted 20 Apr 1968

'Famous Families: 1) The Huxleys' and 'Famous Families: 3) The Russells' scripts; [BBC World Service], recorded 4 Mar 1969, transmitted 30 Mar 1969

'How Popular is the Press?': script, BBC Radio 3, [13 Aug 1970; printed as 'The Popularity of the Press' in 'The Listener', 15 Oct 1970]

Piece about the role of television in our culture, script, BBC, transmitted 21 Apr 1971

'Film and the Cultural Tradition', script, [BBC], 1971 [printed as 'In Praise of Films' in 'The Listener', 20 May 1971]

'Strindberg's "To Damascus"' [BBC] Radio Three, scripts, recorded 21 Jun 1971, transmitted 1 Jul 1971

'Lucian Goldmann and the alternative tradition', scripts, [BBC] Radio Three, recorded 11 Feb 1972, 3 Mar 1972, transmitted 7 Mar 1972

'Social Darwinism in Social Theory and Imaginative Literature', annotated, [BBC] Radio 3, recorded 8 Mar 1972, transmitted 20 Nov 1972

'Something to Say: Are Elites Necessary': transcript of discussion between Raymond Williams and Anthony Quinton, Thames TV, transmitted 19 Jul 1973

'The Way We Live Now' - '5. The Country and the City': typescript with manuscript outline; camera script and another script (annotated); final commentary scripts; shooting orders and sequence outlines; notes; BBC2, [c1978-1979, 23 Feb 1979]

Transcript of interview with Raymond Williams for Third Eye Productions Ltd, with letter to Raymond Williams from Mike Dibb, 27 Sep 1983

'Mr Noon: by DH Lawrence' (BBC World Service), [Sep 1984]

'The English Programme 1985-86, Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht': introduction and script

'Are we becoming more divided' [ITV talk; late 20th century]

'Language in use', TV8, [late 20th century]

'A matter of life and death a review of Ivan Illich's Medical Nemesis' by Raymond Williams, parts of draft script and notes [late 20th century]

'Drama and Society' script, with part of review for 'Experiment in Autobiography' by HG Wells, [late 20th century]

Miscellaneous notes re voice over and visuals for unknown production, [late 20th century]